Deadbeat Dad Jacob Thomas aka “Catfish”

Posted on : 24-05-2010 | By : Crappy Dads | In : Deadbeat Dads


If you can imagine a catfish then you will have a pretty clear picture of him though. Jacob Thomas Lives on Brown St, Coushatta Louisiana. He quits jobs, files for unemployment and works and still will not pay his child support. He tried to tell me that if I had sex with him and get back with him then he would treat his son right. My son was sick burning up with a fever and his dad would not even buy him tylenol, but he would tell me that he was out on a date and enjoying his steak dinner. He sat on the phone and sucked on the steak bone and let me hear him ask to others he was treating to dinner, if their meal was delicious. Then he told me don’t bother him about our son being sick he on a date. Currently he is not paying his court ordered child support that he had only been paying anyway for about the past 2 years. My son will be 8 in June. He says he should not have to pay any arears so that is why he is not paying at all. Right now he is going on 4 months not paying this time. He had the nerver to send his girlfriend who I had never met, to my house with a damn easter basket for my son. Never mind bastard aint been paying child support but he sends a damn easter basket. 2nd of all by a woman who he says forbids him to see his son who he already had with me years before they started dating. She says according to him that when he comes to see his son that she should be able to come sit at my house in my house and watch me too. Now ain t she KRAZZZZZZY and him, what can I say don’t ever date a Catfish!!!

Unfortunately this is not a catch and release story. Its sad knowing that even when child support is court ordered deadbeat dads still find away to get around it. We wish you the best of luck and hope he eventually realizes that he’s loosing his son each day that passes without his love and support.

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