DEADBEAT DAD – James Allen Myers – Owe’s 4 kids $200,000 + LIAR COWARD CRIMINAL

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James Allen Myers age 42 New York Native moved to California early teens. He walked away from 4 children 8 years ago. He currently owe’s over $200,000 in child support with many years to go. He is a liar & con artist than won’t take responsibilty for his beautiful children. He has been known to tell people that the kids aren’t his. Another story has been that his wife & kids died in a tragic car accident. He works in the hazardous waste field. All of his professional certificates are falsified. His last know employer was in 2003 Western Digital in Fremont CA. I believe he is now living under a different name and social security number. His whereabouts are unknown. He has previously lived in Poughkeepsie & Hyde Park, NY. He currently has many family members living in those areas in NY. Cupertino, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Stockton, Fresno, Amador City CA.are also places his has lived. He is a gambler. He has a very strong NY accent. He is 6ft tall, 170 – 185 lbs. Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Usually wears facial hair as a gote or mustache. If he is clean shaven he has a mole on his upper lip. The most distinguishing mark on him is a moon tattoo on his back. Inside the moon is a self portrait blowing a kiss. He has gone by the name Jim, Jimmy, Smokedog. If you have any information please call California Santa Clara County Department of Child Support Services 866 901 3212.

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James Myers is living in the Philippines in Baguio City. He is teaching ESL and English at a Korean school named PIEI on Outlook Drive in Baguio City, Philippines.

I can’t believe how many men leave the country to avoid supporting their children!

Lopez – I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never know why you offered the information that you did, but I will forever be grateful. Hopefully this can close this book on this family’s nightmare. To finally give my children closure and allow them a place to place this in the past. Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing my beautiful 4 children to not be forgotten.



Well just to let everyone know….Not real sure whether The tip that was offered by Lopez wasn’t just James trying to throw people off his track. He still is technically missing. He still has made 0 child support payments and is now going on 13 years without even speaking to his children. He owes me and my kids $375,000 in support.

Hello Red! James IS living in Baguio City, Philippines. He is remarried and has 2 kids. I’m so sorry about the situation that he has left you in.

Red….have you done any investigative work in the Philippines?

We have something similar to the FBI here; it is called the NBI. Maybe you could check with them. How about any passport information? Do you know anything else that could help.

Lopez-Yes I have done some investigation on the information you offered. And again, I am so grateful for the information. I see his picture on his schools website. I see all the pictures he has working with the kids at the school as well. Unfortunately the US does not have an alliance with the Phillipines for unpaid child support. He obviously knew that when he moved there. It saddens me to know he has two more children considering he doesn’t take care of the 4 he has with me. Of course the money he owes would be a big help to me and the kids. But more than the money is the right he gave up being my children’s father. It breaks my heart at any achievement in the kids life he has missed. They are beautiful intelligent, funny, kind, loving and driven people. But in their hearts I know they don’t understand why they weren’t good enough for their father to stay. Nothing can ever change that. I feel very sorry for his current wife. Does she know about us? Or is she completely in the dark? Who walks away from their 4 children without ever looking back? He was one of the best human beings I have ever known. That was why I had these 4 children with him. I never thought he would do what he did. It’s one thing to not want to pay child support but it is a whole other thing to NEVER see or speak to your children again.

I will write to the NBI and see if there is anything they can do. Do you have any information on his home address or any other information on his wife or anything more specific? Again thank you and I will be forever grateful for any information you can offer.

Take Care

I can give you any nformation on James. He is believed to have 2 social security numbers. How? I have no idea. He shouldn’t have been able to get a passport in the first place but he slipped through the cracks somehow. Since he is using his name at the school and his face is directly shown under the foreign teachers, I will assume he got a passport in his name. I know before he left his drivers license was suspended for unpaid support.

What kind of information are you looking for?

James lives in minesview, in baguio city. People know him here, he is a pastor


It is very hard to navigate around the Phillipines on the web to find information here. I have been trying to go farther with the information you gave me a few years back. It is probably safe for me to assume you know all the information I need on him. I also understand this might be a very hard thing for you to do. James can be one of the most fun, happy, and sincere people you probably have ever met. Believe me I know. There was a time when he was my prince. He was an excellent father and husband for at least 9 years out of the 11 years we were married. But he changed those last to years. He becamevery abusive both physically and mentally to me and my children. And almost killed me. He not only owes me and the kids $. He owes the IRS and dozens of creditors. He is also wanted for questioning by the Dutchess County Police in NY for an unrelated felony. Please. You have helped me get this far. Because of you I know so much more than I had found alone. Please dont let him do this to another family. My heart breaks for those 2 children. Please help me with his home address, the name of the church where he is a pastor, and the name of his wife and children. ANY SPECIFIC INFORMATION YOU HAVE. Me and my children will be forever grateful.

If you doubt anything I have said, please let me know. I would be happy to show you pictures, court documents, child support orders or any other information you might want so you can better make a decision to help further. Thank you so much!

Hello Red.

You don’t know me but I’m Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend who moved to NY with him in the mid-80s. I’m writing a memoir about this time frame, so I looked him up and found this posting. I’m sorry to hear about experiences and wish you and your children the best.


Hi Bev,

I know exactly who you are. I started dating Jim shortly after you two parted ways. He spoke highly of you. Thanks so much for your kind words. Jim was the love of my life. We were married for 11 years. He was the best husband and father I could have ever dreamed of for many years. Honestly I really don’t know what happened but he completely changed. He became physically abusive to over the last few years of my our marriage. The kids were so little when he disappeared. 8, 6, 4 & 9 months. He has never paid child support and has not contacted his children at all since nice he left. He disappeared into thin air for years. It was here that ” Lopez ‘ pointed me in the direction he was the whole time. I am pursuing this for my children. It has been so hard but I have the most beautiful children. I wish things had turned out different but it is what it is. Now my major focus is to keep my children moving forward. How sad that a wife and 2 children know nothing about his life before them. And for him to be a preacher…..well how very sad the whole situation is.

Thank you again for your kind words. I hope you are doing well. Take care and good luck with your book!


Hi Red,

I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles but I think you’re doing the right thing by focusing on your children. Who knows why people do what they do. At least you can be there for your children and give them every opportunity to achieve their potential.

I truly hope you can find peace and resolution within yourself, whether or not you find Jimmy. Wherever he is, karma will eventually catch up with him. Life is not without consequences.

Take care,

Hello Bev,

Again thank you. I have been and will continue to give my children both a father and a mother. I have moved far away from the past for quite some time. I do have peace within myself and I have focused on my children for the last 14 years since he left, but I also feel justice needs to be served. If I don’t fight for what is right, my children, like so many others, are forgotten somewhere in the system. The government says you MUST be responsible for your kids. Why should mine be any different. I have given up the idea of ever receiving that money. Its not about the money, its not about me, its about the children.We went through hell when he left. We were left nothing. We struggled to survive. NO child should be forced to live without basic necessities because one of their parents changes his mind.

Take care and thank you for your kind words.

I’m so glad to hear it. Very best of luck to you.

Would it be possible for you to come here to the Philippines and see him for yourself? Come to baguio from manila and go to mines view and ask about the white man that is a pastor and all d people know him. That is the best

I came across your story Red and found this article from the NY Times. Even if your ex (Deadbeat “dad”) lives in the Philippines, the US government CAN do something about owed child support.

Check this article out:

Deadbeat Father Pleads Guilty to Evading Child Support


A man who owed more than $1 million in child support and was labeled the nation’s most-wanted deadbeat parent by federal authorities pleaded guilty on Thursday to traveling across state lines and overseas to avoid making his child-support payments.

The man, Robert D. Sand, 50, a father of three, told a judge in Federal District Court in Central Islip, on Long Island, that he had left New York to avoid making payments and fled the country after warrants for his arrest were issued in 2000 and 2002. Mr. Sand spent much of the last year in Thailand as the amount he owed climbed above $1.2 million.

Mr. Sand was arrested in the Philippines in November and was deported and sent to Los Angeles, where United States marshals arrested him. He faces a maximum sentence of four years.

His guilty plea was a victory for the inspector general’s office of the federal Department of Health and Human Services, which takes on child-support cases from local authorities when parents in arrears flee. The department compiles a “Most Wanted Deadbeat” list, on which Mr. Sands was featured.

Mr. Sand’s debt dates to 1995, when a judge in Nassau County ordered him to pay $750 per week, an amount the court later raised to $995 per week to account for cost-of-living increases. He and Lisa Sand had been married for nearly 10 years, living well on Mr. Sand’s $500,000 to $600,000 yearly earnings from a car-auction business, according to court documents. Mr. Sand paid $87,000 — a little more than two years’ worth — before he stopped making payments.

Mr. Sand married another woman and moved to Florida in 1997, but that couple, after having one child, also divorced, leaving Mr. Sand with an additional obligation of $625 per week in child support.

Don’t ever give up hope Red….

So, if your ex is a real pastor as Lopez has said, your ex will do the right thing.

Hey Malissa – I worked with Jim, I bet his buddy Randy (POS) set him up with this PI chick. Can’t believe he teaches English or that he’s a pastor. We would work on the weekends for Santa Clara, can’t believe he walked out. I went through my divorce with Nicole and had my troubles. I hope your moving on and not living in the past to much. His loss, I remember you were awesome and a new mom with Em. You guys were happy in French Camp. Take care your in my Prayers

Joe D,

Thank you Jreeta. I really appreciate the information. That is very interesting. I believe the reason that they went after the person in the article is due to him owing the county/state where his child support case is based. In other words, the custodial parent received help from the government. Because I was unable to receive any help from the government in welfare, health insurance, etc. he technically owes me and the kids, more importantly my father, not the government. Therefore, they have told me time and time again, that they do not have the resources to help with collecting. Because he lives out of the country it makes it even more costly to enforce. This is something that DCSS never tells you when a child support case is filed.

At this point, all though his amount owed is just under 1/2 a million dollars, and he has never once reached out to his children since he left almost 17 years ago, my children and I have survived. Three of my children are grown adults and one almost there. Although it was the hardest thing I ever could have imagined getting through, we did it. I am very certain I will never receive a dime from him and I am ok with that now. I met a wonderful man 6 years after my divorce who has raised my children as his own. My children have a father now. It is James Myers loss because I have the most extraordinary children I can say are 100% mine. I am a very proud mother!

Thank you again for your information!!

JoeD – Wow! Thanks so much for saying hello. We must have met at some point but I can’t recall. Very strange huh? Can you imagine my shock? My marriage came to a very hurtful, violent, life changing halt. When did you stop working with Jim? After Emma as you read, we had 3 other children. I was a stay at home mom and had no idea my life would so drastically change. We went through a horrible, violent 2 year divorce that changed everything I knew or believed in. It was a horrible road to healing. After the divorce was finalized he disappeared. I honestly don’t know to this day what happened!!

Thankfully, today I do not revisit the past. I guess until I go through my very backed up email and see the responses I receive here. I know many say they hope I am not living in the past. But the past has made me and my children who we are and scars can run very deep when something this traumatic happens. Talking about it when you have moved past it, is not reliving the trauma or holding on to it, it is being healed so you are able to speak of it but no longer allow it to affect you. I spent many years caught up in all of this mess. Many of the years after he left I spent trying to figure it all out. Until one day I let it go. I have no ill will towards him now, at least with what happened with him and me. But it took the anger and disappointment almost swallowing me whole before I pulled out of it. I do still hold resentment when it comes to my kids because they didn’t deserve what he did. But that is just the mother bear in every mother. My kids and I are doing very well. We rarely revisit the past. After many years of healing and rebuilding we have accepted what happened and given up on never receiving the answers.

I hope everything worked out with you after your divorce. I so appreciate you reaching out.

Take Care

Wait, Joe D – Did you and Nicole go camping with us one time???

I think we might have gone camping, surprised you don’t remember me. I worked the hazardous waste programs with Jim, he worked in So San Francisco,,,I knew him for 5 years. Do you live in Stockton still….

Joe – I do actually remember you and we did go camping! I do not live in Stockton anymore. I haven’t for many years. Sorry to hear about you and your wife. It’s such a strange thing how much life can change. It’s funny how people assume because I can talk about what happened, I haven’t let it go. Believe me, I posted this in beginning of 2011. I responded after I received information about his where abouts because he had been MIA for 10 years. No one knew where he went. He just disappeared. I have let it all go long ago. I tell my story to try and help other women who go through what I did.. It was very hard for many years but now my kids are grown and they have a dad. A Dad that loved them as if they were his! I don’t wish him any harm. The money is something that I will never see and it really doesn’t matter now. At the time, a second pair of shoes for my kids or a card on their birthdays might have been nice for them but we got by. We are a family and it is a hard part of my past but not my present or future, I hope you are doing well. Take care

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