Deadbeat Dad Jason Wesley Ball

Posted on : 28-08-2010 | By : Tracie | In : Deadbeat Dads, Michigan


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My ex, Jason Wesley Ball is dodging Child support when he moved to Michigan from Virginia when my daughter was 14 months old. He is behind in payments around $53,000. He is a con and works his way around the system and under the table. I been getting involved by writing Congress, Senators and Obama and wanting reform and for current laws to be pushed and will continue having my voice heard! If he owed the Government money then he would be put in jail so quick it would make our head spin but yet, it’s ok to seek help from the same Government for assistance to provide healthcare, dental and so forth. Am I the only one who see’s this picture wrong? Why not hold these deadbeat dads like my ex accountable rather than with a quick fix of patting them on the hand and reminding them like a child to pay their Child Support! I have received letters back with promises to investigate further but this will not stop me from continuing to speak out! If I am not getting support then what am I losing if he is jail?? Nothing and I want to encourage everyone in this position to write to their Congressman, Senator’s and the Obama!! Let our voice be heard because sadly, there are parents in jail now as we speak for a $1,000 non payment!! So, what sense does that make? Hmmm…

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