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This is my deadbeat dad Jessie Roby, lives with his mommy in corunna IN. He has 2 kids one being my son, he has paid maybe 300 dollers in the past almost 5 years and only really spent time with him when I arranged it refuses to work or file taxes when he does work so he dont have to pay, currently in jail for sleeping with a 15 year old girl after cheating with his other baby momma WTF! He is a very worthless piece of guy, he has nothing to do with either one of his kids unless it involves him.  No morals,  will sleep with whoever whenever regardless of who he hurts, thankfully I am well over this looser and my son has a good MAN who will be and always has been his dad. Ladies id watch this one lure you in playing all suave then before you know it he’ll take you for a ride.

Jessie, we cant even fathom how mentally sick you must be to sleep with a child. We frown upon you so much we even considered not wasting space on our website for you. ladies this one is for you, what do you think?

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well you can call me a deadbeat dad or whatever you want i have tried many times to be involved with my son i’m not the one that took off out of state to be with my mom when i was 7mo pregnant and everytime i try to see donavyn all you want is money and i have paid way more than 300 dollars thats just all you can remember spending and also its hard to be a father to a kid when you have kids with me and my FATHER its crazy you only have your kids for a paycheck and when you stop getting that you would prolly just sell them off to someone you don’t care for your kids all you are about is money you pawn your kids off on anyone you can thats why your own mother left you and the kids she is sick of you using her for a built in babysitter so you can go meet guys on the internet or sleeping with your boyfriends best friends like you did to me when we were together then you did worse you married my dad its crazy before you say that someone is a deadbeat mabey you should look at all the mistakes you have made i try and have tried but all you want is money so don’t flaw on my parenting skills when you don’t have any of your own same reason you have a 5yr old that is still not in school cause you don’t have time to meet guys and worry about there schooling at the same time

and this comment would be from his now Girl friend wrote while he was in jail, amazing, it just surprises me good thing i dont worry about what you say or feel, but thanks for your insight ashleigh

OH also hmm yea you care so much huh or try right?? he is 4 and is in kindergarten.

i told you before it wasnt ashleigh saying anything. The comment wasnt from her. Get your storey staight before you run your mouth!! Stop blaming everything on her.

What is really sad about this whole site is the kids involved We all have made bad decisions in our lifes and my grandson is also jessies son. I do agree that is should be responsible for his kids. And I do believe that people can change. Instead of you all fighting about what should happen, you get your support when he works. He is trying to change his life around and if he messes up then it is his fault. Why make your life public to try and get back at him. I have never been a big fan of Jessie but i have seen some changes in him. I will not say that i think he is the greatest but if you want him to be in your sons life you have to quit this stuff. I am looking out for you Natasha, you need to stop being so angry because it is not going to make it any better. Both little boys will be growing up with Jessie being their biological dad, and you cannot change this. And these boys hopefully will be not only brothers but friends. We need to let them be happy. After all you girls made the decisin to have a baby with Jessie.

get ‘em grandma! but if you never been a single mom you will never know how hard it is to let go of the anger! I am married to a great man who loves my kids (who are all almost of legal age now) but I still can’t stand their fathers and daily life of dealing with the kids brings me right back to that hate…now that my oldest is about to graduate from high school i don’t want to share that day with the dead beat…he did nothing (well almost nothing) for 18 years!!! why should he get to bask in the glory…oh i forgot cause my daughter love him…well i dont! Helping with your kids “when you have it” just doesn’t cut it…real men go and get it…just like real women do…I couldn’t tell my kids…sorry no eating today…mama just don’t have it like that daddy do all the time! smh

Jessie wasn’t a very nice and respectful young man before. He used to think about himself alot and didn’t think about the things needed over wanted. But he shaped my life grately and it was neither a bad thing for both of us because it made us who we are to this day. It affected both of our lives in a major form and all the comments and rumors about it just made things worse at the time but it helped us get through what we became from it and it was rough for the first couple years, but we both made things through, I was young, he wasn’t that resposible and we both needed to grow up on the same level. I’m not posting anything to personal because what happened; me and Jessie will always see what we did wrong and no matter what we got from it or what people said about it we were in the wrong. But Jessie has came along way from then and he has become more mature and has taken part in his resposiblities as a father from hear-say. When he went to prison, it whipped him back into reality and he has improved 10X better than what he was. But no one has the right to sit there and call someone out like that. A father will either be a good one or will have his struggling times and not realize what he’s doing. NEVER to be called worthless. If he was worthless then why would your precious little boy be his father. He is a part of him and will always be, every father makes mistakes. Every mother has her struggles. But you can’t call them out on it. I pray for all the guys out there who can’t take on the resposibilities but Jessie, if you ever read this, you have came along way and I’m proud of you:)

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