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First met our second child when they turned 3 yrs. old. Doesn’t pay child support. Doesn’t visit his kids. Doesn’t attempt to do anything for his kids. Been almost 5 years since he last seen them. I just want to warn females because he has multiple baby mama’s and takes care of none of them.

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He’s only out for himself. He’s always geared up and hasn’t bought my kids ANYTHING in the past 4 years!! Oh wait, I’m sorry, he bought them school pencils!! Wtf?? He works under the table or sells drugs to get off paying child support! He keeps in touch with his first baby’s mom and tells her lies about me. He said I was keeping the kids from him, but I have several messages telling him to please come visit! Did he? NOOOO!! He wanted to curse my husband out over the phone! Tough guy.. sike! My husband is taking care of your responsibility jerk!! That’s why the kids call him dad and not you!! He lives in Las Vegas, NV and he has family in Kalamazoo, MI. He travels around so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in a city near you!! When you see him, ask him where are his kids at?

He sounds like a real charmer like this rest of these deadbeats. It’s really funny how they blame us for not seeing their children instead of maning up and taking responsibility for their own actions. My dead beat claims the same thing, but every year he promises my son that he will spend the summer or christmas with him. Lies! All lies. I wish you luck notbitterjustoverit. I am over it too and so is my son. My a$$hole owes me money. I have started the paper work and I will see his a$$ in court… again.

@Greatmom – Thank you and I wish you luck as well! Fortunately, I have a great husband who has been here since day one of my second child being born and has been a great father to this deadbeats kids! My kids don’t even recognize this jerk nor do they call him dad and I’ll keep it that way because I know he’ll never come and try to change that! Your son will see with his own eyes that his father is not around and he’ll have his own perception of him with out you even having to mention anything. Kids aren’t dumb, they know what’s going on. Good luck with court, I hope everything works out in your favor!!

You are bitter, and you are really not over it, or you would not be posting on such a childish slandering site! It was good while it lasted, maybe he needs a women like me! I would not dare put him out there like that! You have no morals, and this site will not assist you! Being angry and bitter is not whats best for the kids either! Don’t get angry cause you put yourself in this chosen perdicument!

If your husband is so wonderful it would appear that you would be living happily ever after, and that you would not be desperately seeking your kids dad! You moved on so leave it at that! Your decision to be married, and have your kids calling another man daddy does not seem like a the kind of women I would kiss up too as a mother! This post proves that you are a drama queen looking for attention, and you are mad cause baby daddy don’t want to give it to you!It don’t sound like the kids are suffering! Appears that your decisions back fired on you! I personally would not put up with no drama for any reason, including children!

The position that you carry as a wife is real tacky, there is no way that I would be posting this kind of garbage on a site with such a wonderful husband! You are out of control and are not setting a good example of all the wonderful things your husband is doing for you and your kids! Again I must repeat drama queen! You have not learned yet how to stay in your lane! You all on here talken that po po mess about drugs! You wasn’t say n any of that when you was enjoying that soul pole! Again it was good while it lasted!

@Itwagoodwhileitlasted: You must be his new victim… Good luck with that lame ass loser!! His lies have obviously gotten to your simple mind. Next!

@Itwasgoodwhileitlasted: Oh and if you don’t know him… STFU! Cause you have no idea what this asshole is about… like I said, not bitter and completely over it! I blasted him cause he deserves to be blasted! He has MULTIPLE baby’s with multiple women and is not taking care of any of them. My husband knows I posted this and since you have no idea how our marriage is or have no idea of who I am, YOU sound like a stupid cocky bitch! You’re the simple kind of bitch that would want a man like this saying that stupid mess about maybe he should have a woman like me… I hope you find him and get done dirty like I did and see if you still feel the same after! YOU know NOTHING about what this dude and I went through except for what I posted here, unless like I said you know him and he’s feeding you bullshit. I don’t have to explain shit to you though cause you are just stupid comment on the internet…

@Notbitterjustoverit I wouldn’t even bother to reply to someone like “Itwasgoodwhileitlasted”. It sounds like either a new fling, a roaming internet troll or the deadbeat himself. Whoever it is just wants to create drama, totally not worth your time.

@Michele, I think you’re right! After re-reading what that idiot said, I think it is the deadbeat himself which makes it even more funny now… thanks for the laughs@itwasgoodwhileitlasted hahaha…

U guys r sofa king jerry springer….. U crack me up Kathleen. First of all I am currently taking care of my resposibilities, with u no… an thats due to ur mouth. I got loud wit ur hubby cuz he tried to get live wit me, no disrespect but that guy is a cell phone gangster an if he said ANYTHING to me he’d get punched in his mouth. Play around if u want to but i hope and pray that u go ur way in life an stop talking bout me cause thats all it is TALK. I work an don’t sell drugs first of all, secondly the reason we didn’t work our was u. All of u readers may have true statements but this TRICK is trying to talk about me for no reason… Maybe due to the threesome i had in ur bed after u cheated on me?? ask u fam bout that… or maybe it was me laughing at u naked with dem saggy ass boobs…LMFAO he can have u. i just want to be able to spend time with MY kids, and for someone that lives so close u don’t make efforts to call or e-mail me yet u can blast the internet but not my inbox??? YouSoFunnie…. act like u want to have something done about it instead of starting more problems move ahead in life an try not to be such a BITCH about the situation an try to make it better instead of making it worse. GOD BLESS PEACE!

The kids were adopted by a real father. No more need for this profile to be up. This deadbeat is a non-factor.

You know what IS funny Mr. Diggz? Is that the kids don’t know you. Every time you want to say something, you must always bring up why we broke up, but NO ONE gives a damn why we didn’t work. What I care about is the kids. You can down talk my husband, my looks and bring up the past and what you decided to do when I wasn’t around… none of that means ANYTHING TO ME! It hasn’t for a LOOOONG time now. GET OVER YOURSELF. I have proof that I attempted to get child support from you. I have proof that I attempted to get you to be in their lives by sending you multiple messages on MySpace. ALL THIS PROOF HELPED ME PROVE MY CASE TO THE JUDGE THAT YOU ARE CONSIDERED AN ABANDONED PARENT! If you didn’t change your phone number every couple months, you would have this information. My number has been the same, my city location has been the same, my place of work has been the same for the past 5 years now!! Even your sister, mother, nieces and nephew have kept in contact with me. Matter of fact, even your first baby mother, the one you keep in constant contact with? Yeah, she even knows how to get in contact with me and has kept in contact with me. But I need to make the EFFORT to contact YOU?? NO, I won’t. I attempted too many times and it lead me no where! If that means I’m being a bitch, then so be it. I’ve done my part. And, thank you, yes, God has blessed me.

Oh, and by the way. I think it’s time to go back to school because your grammar and spelling suck! Now, you go on ahead and have yourself a good life and don’t worry about the kids because they are doing just fine!

Yea? Nobody contacted or tried to contact me for one…. Two u little dirty ass slut bag hoe, u gone run into the wrong people one day an get what u deserve…im not worried about my spellcheck obviously bitch, if i was i woulda fixed it. U wanted the kids to not know me, u did that successfully. But what u wont do is keep going on an on speakin bullshit bout me u Sorry ass cunt! An whoever want it can get it, fuck yo words… Im bout dat action. I finished school, in college an got a job bitch! U aint got nothin better to do wit ur time an efforts then to talk shit to someone u “forgot about”? If its over let it go , u must b unhappy with ur life. If its nothing positive bout my kids, dont say shit to me. Period kathleen hope u get yo ass beat for the dumb shit

That u b on.

@YouSoFunnie aka JOE… what’s sad is that you said all those hateful words to me, but I’m looking at the date you posted those messages and does that date even ring a bell to you? No it must not because you said nothing about it.. You are a hurtful human being with so much hate coming from you. And what’s funny.. I’m actually very happy in my marriage and the kids are doing real well.. (since you don’t care to ask). I have no hate towards you and honestly, I’ve emailed this website several, several times asking them to take you off their website, but apparently my emails are not being answered. When I wrote this about you, I wasn’t expecting anything from it. I actually thought it was funny and really didn’t take the website serious, but I see now that it’s just very disturbing and just a way for you to tell me evil shit and I’m cool off that. This will be the last post you see from me because I’m not one to take hateful messages lightly and I’m really not trying to be on no evil shit with you.. I’m past this and I hope you can be too..

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much!

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