Deadbeat Dad…John Rothell

Posted on : 25-02-2011 | By : Julie | In : Deadbeat Dads, Oklahoma


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The photo I have submitted is of my ex. His full name is John Clinton Rothell, and he is 38 years old, and his last known where abouts is Guymon, Oklahoma, but there is a good possibility due to a possible job change he may now be living in Georgia or Nebraska. He is always skipping from farm job to farm job and rarely stays put. He likes to work as a hired hand for various farmers….. We have three Daughters together that he will not pay child support for. He also chooses to live hundreds of miles away to avoid seeing them. He currently has a girlfriend (Shyla Chapman) that has three children and he has no problem whatsoever taking care of this woman and her children. This woman practically runs his life, but he sits back and allows it to happen. I just don’t understand how any father could put another woman’s children before his own. This guy is a REAL JERK and cannot be trusted! He is a MAJOR habitual liar!

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