Deadbeat Dad Larry Howard Chambers

Posted on : 22-08-2010 | By : nemo | In : Deadbeat Dads, Maryland


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He lives in MD, he does not work, does not have a car-but does borrow peoples cars and act like there his. He seeks out women with good jobs and tries to get them to take care of him, he will tell you he loves you with in 2 weeks. He will basically try to take care of you with your own money. Has 2 kids that he is not taking care of, but hangs in the bars and on the golf course. Stay Away, or make him spend his money and never spend yours! you have been WARNED!

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Enough said he doesnt have a thing to offer you!!!! So why waist your time trying to get something from nothing? lls . Wow you said it yourself. Dont you get it he’s a Taker an you already know that an thats all he’ll ever be an will never be a giver. So your Post was to put this man on blast because he played you when he told you he Loved you in two weeks or because of Child Support? He has nothing to give you. By the way I dont know either of you but it is a shame to even do this. My friend told me to look at what she posted on here. I read some stuff an singed up just to comment . No Child Support Officer wants to here all this nonsense. Another Website just to have something to do. Lmbo

Tazaria- He only gets the one’s( females) who fall for the BS! Men should take care of there kids regardless!
Child Support Enforcement feels the same way its 2011 there not playing games.

Learn how to spell! And by the way child support is an obligation you can’t get out of just cause you don’t work. He better get a job.

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