Deadbeat Dad Matthew Hendershot

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This is Matthew Wayne Hendershot. He has brought 3 beautiful children into this world by two different woman. The first was by Kacey T. His name is Quinton. He abandoned them before the baby boy was even born. Came back four years later for a DNA test then after getting close to the 4 year old and calling him Daddy Matt, he left once again and signed over his rights. Kacey’s husband has adopted Quinton, who quinton knows as daddy.

In between these years I had two children with him. Sara and Tyler Hendershot… He was a great father to Sara but after we split a month after my son was born he turned into the biggest sperm donor. He doesnt pay child support for none of his children and he is probably the worst father I could have picked for my children. I regret it dearly.

Extremely sorry to hear you got wrapped up with Mr. Hendershot but Sara and Tyler are very luck to have such a loving mother like yourself. We wish you the best at everything you do and Matt, well, not…

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Never regret your children cause they are a wonderful gift and without him you would not have them. I know it’s hard to not regret it cause I did for a long time but in the end it’ll do nothing but bring you down. You need to be the best parent you can for your children cause you’re all they have. Keep your head up!

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