Deadbeat Dad Matthew Skurkay

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Matthew George Skurkay hasn’t paid child support in 4 years.  After quitting his job (he thought that because he could collect STD he should- even though the Doctor released him back to work) so when they let him go, he didn’t pay child support for 3 years. His brother gave him money (as did his friends–those left) to live on and keep him from jail the first time. A year later, he was threatened with jail again. Since nobody would lend him money, he signed himself into a crises center.  A doctor said he was depressed and didn’t have to work for a year. When the year was up, he found another Doc to say the same thing. Only this time OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation) trained him to get his Class A CDL. He still hasn’t worked in 6 months because he doesn’t have to according to the Doc.
He insists on seeing the girls when he has some money he borrowed because he’s supposed to! He is a negative influence, lazy, negative and unsupportive in every way!

If not for their step-dad the girls wouldn’t have any of the things they have!

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HEY…. you need to check him out. He was just awarded almost 30k from his ex for the equity of HER home (for the time period they were married) when their divorce was finalized last month. F’n loser. You need to report that crap to PA domestics and get some of that money. If he doesn’t have it in his pocket now, he should any minute now. He’s lazy,uses ppl and just doesn’t want to work. I have been waiting for the divorce to be finalized so i could tell Beth this!!! Beth… go get him!!!

But Beth is a whore who cheated on Matt when they were married.

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