Deadbeat Dad Michael Wells

Posted on : 07-06-2010 | By : Crappy Dads | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


Michael Scott Wells from Alabama owes me over $170,000.00 in bac child support. He has NEVER spent a day in jail and any money that I have recieved from him has been through garnishments. He has never carried insurance and never paid any doctor bills in which he was court ordered to. Alabama needs to step it up in doing something to these deadbeats!

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Alabama does nothing to go after Deadbeat parents. My Grandchildrens father has not paid one dime of Child support since he walked out the door for a younger woman. He quit working when he owned his own company. That no longer exist. Then he just went around not working at all. He see’s the children every other week end. He moves alot. He is supposely working now but won’t tell anyone where. He owes over $30,000 in back Child support. My daughter is expected to loose pay to go down and file non failure to pay to the courts. What is wrong with this state that they don’t even take care of there own children. Yet, he has had more than 3 vehicles in the past year. My Daughter keeps giving them his address, but they are so slow to go after him he moves or answers the door and lies and says he don’t live there. Alabama child support collection is a big joke. When the mother signs for a warrant to have him arrested, they do nothing.

Wow! Alabama sounds a lot like Ohio. My friend’s ex is over 25K behind and NOTHING is done about it. We should all band together for these children!

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