Deadbeat Dad Mr. Bin Laden

Posted on : 21-05-2010 | By : Crappy Dads | In : Deadbeat Dads


This man has never paid support without being forced by the state. When the state takes support it holds it for 4 months. This guy said this child was not his then went on the create 2 more. My daughter is 15 now and wants to change her name because her dad will not do anything to help her without being forced to. I used to let her go see him, the law sadi visitation and child support are sepparate issues. My daughter went to spend time with him and he locked her in a closet for reading the Davinci code and told her to prey for her soul. She has had trouble with reading every since.

He told everyone I left him for a man but I left him for his drug abuse. I left him becasue he drank and he tried to beat me on a regular basis. He is now in the church,. He is the Osama Bin Laden of christendom who also happens to have a pot habbit, at least he used to… along with a coke habit. He is the worlds biggest hypocrite.
His failure to take care of buisness coupled with the long term negativve effects on his child have been increadably inconveniant. He is a web designer with his own company so the state cant make him pay. Whatever. His support has never been raised, in 15 years it has remained a whopping $127.00 a month. It is not that he cant pay, it is that he dont want to. What a creeper.

Well Mr. Bin Laden, I would worry about praying for your soul because locking a child in the closet seems like a bigger sin than reading a mystery-detective fiction novel. Perhaps you were under the influence at the time but thats no excuse. We recommend you to get in rehab especially if you have 2 kids you actually claim yours. What do you suggest we do with your daughter whom you locked in the closet? I hope you realize that she has more love for her than you will have in your entire life and she does not need love from you. Thanks for sharing mom, your a wonderful mother, keep it up.

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