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Eric Ralph Nicastro owes me $49,178. He has been running & conning everyone he meets his entire life. I count 6 different children, that I know of, all with different woman. His latest scam was to “enlist” in the US Army Reserves & be “deployed” 8/09. Since then, he claims to have acquired “lung disease” while “defusing landmines”. He claims the military “retired” him. I was kind of shocked to hear the plan to enlist in the Army considering he had gone AWOL from the Navy, TWICE in 1998. He is married to Trina Nicastro, they claim to live in Grovetown, GA. This guy’s a Junkie Deadbeat & needs to quit reproducing. The above picture was found in the camera of my then 16 yr old daughter. She had gone to visit this man who has had nothing to do with her her entire life. His mother “swore” he was a changed man. I had no idea she meant changed into a “woman”. For 18 days he got my daughter high on percocets & drunk. 2 days after she returned, she was admitted to a Psych Ward because she was thinking about killing herself. I failed to mention that she had begun Abilify 3 weeks before getting TANKED with RuPaul up there. He was to keep a close eye on her & bring her to “The Base” for a full psych eval, which he assured me was in place before I bought the plane ticket. I didn’t mean for him to give her his “prescription” meds & some beer to wash it down with.

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OMG! And here I thought my kids’ deadbeat dad was a real loser! I love the pics though. Way to humiliate the $*!# out of him.

Hahaha omg thnk u for posting those pics. What is he wearing under the shorts? LOL

WOWWWWW!! Love the pics, what a douche!!! Great post!!! haha!

Ladies: This GINORMOUS DOUCHEBAG has been doing this for a good 16 yrs. He is the scum of the earth. I’m not seeing another branch of the military would take him after this. Have no freekin clue how the hell he scammed into Army. I still don’t believe it. Funny for ya…

He Says he was:deployed” to Afghanistan 8/08 to “defuse landmines”, he claims to have contracted “lung disease” Now this was when I was still occasionally talking to the Evil one who Spawned him. She said he has 3 knee surgeries & a gallbladder removed. He was back in the States by 8/09 as you can see by the wonderful pics my daughter took. Now, I’m not a doctor, but , don’t you need knees to get you around those land mines? If you Google “long term effects of crack usage” it also states LUNG DISEASE. I’m going with that one. Thanks Ladies…xoxo

It’s only a matter of time before we get his ass. I dare his Mommy to accuse me of “ruining” his like….the ENTIRE family is a bunch of DOUCHEBAGS! Spawned from the Queen Douche herself!

Well……………….apparently RuPaul has up & ran out of GA…(just had the case transferred there too) He’s in FL now…..please…if anyone runs across him please message me here….My daughter is preparing t=for college & some cash would really help me out.

Way too good!! The pics speak for themself …LOSER!!

Omg This is my 1st time on this site & my bloods boiling with the deadbeat dads stories so far.
This one bites the biscuit though as far as a deadbeat dad goes. Its not enough that this excuse for a man disrespects his own children he shows a total lack respect for all soldiers serving in the US Army being wounded & killed in Afghanistan proud to fight in the name of their country!! Adding fuel by giving his daughter substances to get high on top of alcohol too!! Have a few names on the tip of my tounge as well as crappydeadbeatdad would’nt be allowed to post comments after if i put them too!! His kids are better without him anyways!! Sorry long comment god could say so much restraining myself from doing so!!

Great pics! I have one of my deadbeat wearing a pink bra and a pair of my pink sweats that I will be posting promptly lol

Just the other day my husband recieved a call from Mr. Dragqueen informing him that even though he now owes me close to $56,000 he & his wife had a consult with a lawyer & I will receive a letter instructing me to remove this post….well, lets see here, how do you have a consult, but can’t pay your child support….I will NEVER remove this post….well, maybe if he pays up I’d consider it.

Hey Hannah….still waitin on that lawyer letter & my check for $211.73 for YOUR electric bill you & your “CHRISTIAN” wife put in your daughter’s name without her knowledge…hey ASSHOLES…I PAID IT…Your kid is gonna prosecute…hahaha

Just cause a man is in the military doesn’t mean he is a “man”. The father of my twins is a Senior leader in the army and the only way I got him to pay cause I’m in the military too and know the ropes. I found out on FB that he has a 16 year old son that lives minutes away from his family in NC but don’t know them. He married another soldier and took care of her daughter (which he should) and they had a son together. those were the only two kids I met and knew up. He acts like his first born son doesn’t exist and since the mother isn’t in the military her son doesn’t get Tricare. I also found out that her child support is not court ordered but agreed upon small amount. This guy spent more money trying to get with me than he did for his first son. thats sad. His family has reached out to me but only cause I found out the truth about their “perfect soldier”. He now owes me over $15K in back pay and I know they will garnish that check so good bye nice car/rims. It’s a shame that these men are seem as HEROES to society but ZEROES to their kids.

@ Tink…..since you’re military too, maybe U have an answer for me….how could a loser such as the cross dressing junkie above go AWOL twice from the Navy back in 1998 & then enlist in the Army in 2007? I’m going with the fact he didn’t disclose this. I don’t feel he should get his disability from the government since he conned his way in. He’s also now trying to hop on a lawsuit with REAL soldiers claining he got sick from burn pits in Afghanastan…the douchebag was there 3 months…if he has a lung disease, I’m sure it would be caused by the years of crack smoking.

@TickedOFF: One reason is cause the Army lowered it standards to get “bodies” to go fight since we were fighting 2 wars at once. Doing war time it hard as hell to put soldiers out. iYou didn’t need a diploma and some convictions were waivered and etc but now since troops are coming home the army is cutting troops left and right even the leaders. have a question: can’t the government garnish his disability? I will look into that for you if you like. have you looked into it. I know that if/when my twins father retires, child support will garnish his retirement pay too.

It’s finally been garnished…I get $361 a month which is less then half of the support & arrears….who would I contact to rat this asshole out…at this point revenge (such as the fact that Google shows this page first when u type his name) is more important then the $$ I raised her on my own & will never see the cash.


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