Deadbeat Dad Mr. Felon

Posted on : 26-05-2010 | By : Crappy Dads | In : Deadbeat Dads


This is a deadbeat dad that owes almost 10,000 just for one child not including two others that he has. He is married to a stupid woman who buys him just to say that she has a man. He is a class H felon with no potential of success. I am just disgusted and get sick when I see how he is. Who would call you a man? Someone who sits around and waits on his wife to handle everything and contributes NOTHING is definately not one.

Absolutely right, a man who sites around and contributes nothing is a great definition for a deadbeat dad. Thanks for sharing, ladies look out for Mr. Felon.

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Sperm donor, deceitful trifling sperm donor also comes to mind. If we owed our kids, 2 meals a week, a custodial parent would be under the jail, yet deadbeats get away with years of not fulfilling obligations!! And why are they always cheesing in the camera without a care in the world? He and his accomplice “wife” will get theres, but I hope your child gets what they deserve asap!!

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