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This guy owes his children over $41,000 in back support “and still adding up” , has not made a payment in years and has tried everything in the book to avoid his responsibilities and duties has a father. One time He testified in court his mother was disabled and he couldn’t support his children because he had to support her. The funny thing was a week later me and my mom ran into his mom, she was working at a department store. At one point he sold a house had $150,000 in the bank, and still refused to pay anything for his support obligation. In 2006 My children wanted to go visit him (he lives 2000 miles away from us) So I agreed if he paid all the cost for them to go (after all he was not paying any child support, even though it was court ordered) he could pick them up at my local police department, Keep them for 1 month, then return them to me at my local police department. I tried to call the children several times while they were with him and only got a message saying that he was out of his service area or his cell phone was turned off. On the day he was to return , I was out front of my local Police department when A 911 operator came out side to tell me he called and he was not returning the kids. The next day I discovered he filed for custody and never notified me. I sold everything and anything that I could get a dollar for (furniture, jewlery,ect…), I pawned my car and lost my job. In the end I went to AZ got my 2 children back and I have not seen him since. Although I have talked to him once since. This is just the tip of the ice burg the story goes on and on with him. But everything is ok for the Lord Our savior has filled the empty shoes he left behind.

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What a douche bag! Trying to steal your kids so he can get child support from you I bet!!

WHAT a jackoff. I’m really sorry. Glad you put up your story!

When he tried to get custody he contacted my mom and offered to let her take the kids to raise if she would just write the courts a letter to say I was unfit. Of course she declined. He has contact with my daughter through text on her cell and IM’s on the computer. He sends text saying I am psycho I her I fill her head and won’t let him see them. My daughter is 16 and replies to him” well if you didn’t try to steal us and actually did your part to take care of us, maybe things would be different.She has also asked him not to contact her.My son has been diagnosed with Post Dramatic Syndrome due to the physical abuse he suffered for this man when he was 9 months old and up. Yes I have court records and Dr. records to prove this. Todd is court ordered to pay 75% of medical, but needless to say I have payed for all treatments both kids have received.

Sorry it’s ” Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome”

This man sounds like he is the worse kind of deadbeat- a sociopath who doesn’t have the ability to feel emotions for anyone but himself. My son was also kidnapped for months and diagnosed with PTSD and believe the ordeal has followed him into his adult life.
Keep records of all medical expenses, because at some point you may be able to get a judgment against him and a lien on any property he has.
Also take care of your kids and yourself. Dealing with this type of deadbeat can have relentless psychological impact on everyone involved. God Bless you and yours.

I used to have this guy as one of my friends on facebook till a friend of mine posted this page to my home page. He then saw it and tried to lie and tell me he is paying his child support and he works with all these famous people and he really doesn’t. Everything he has told me has been a lie. he even said he is working with the courts and trying to get visitation and there is no proof to back his case up. all the court records are old except for the enforcement one that they are trying to get the dead beat to pay his support. The internet is a funny thing you can find out many things about anyone. I have since found the woman who put this up and I have be able to verified the information she has put up here. He is almost 42 thousand in arrears now. I hope they get his butt one day cause he is a true piece of crap and a liar. Good Luck Girl!!!!!!

By the way his name is TODD CALLAHAN and he lives in Phoenix, Arizonia

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