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Don Ray Jones Jr, is his name. He is originially from Greenville, TX but resided in Austin, TX and now in Greensboro, NC. He has 3 kids by 3 diferent women. He does not support any of them. He is also still married from what I heard. He is behind 30,000+ for 1 child and 19,000+ for the second. The third child I do not know about any child support. He would rather party, smoke weed, drink and be bum, instead of taking care and supporting his children. He is not a man he’s a little boy. To the child support people find him b/c its not fair these 3 women have to do it by themselves whiles hes living his life!

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First off, who ever put this crap on here is bogus. Second, get ur damn facts straight. I don’t drink, I don’t run the streets and I don’t sleep with every chick I meet. My daughters are 13 8 and 2. I was in a relationship with their mothers. I took responsibility for my kids. I sacrificed my education, I sacrificed my plans and did it with a smile on my face. I didn’t walk out on any of them. Yes I smoked weed, so what. I smoked when we were together, it didn’t stop me from being a father. So why is it a problem when we are not together. I wasn’t put on CS b/c I didn’t take care of my child, I was put on CS b/c of a insecure nigga/husband and b/c someone was hustling the State for 125 dollars a month, I didn’t know anything about. I was on CS for 4months while I was taking care of both. So I started out behind on CS. So to whoever put this on here ur foul and the truth is not in u. I might be broke but I am far from a deadbeat and I dont appreciate being lumped in with other no good MFER’s. Child or no child, u don’t run my life. I didn’t need those white folks in my business. How many times have i sent money directly to the mothers without going through CS. Dahottestchick, haha. funny. I am going through what many other people are going through trying to make it. Trying to reeducate myself so I can make more money for my girls and myself. u will never meet someone who knows me that would call me a deadbeat. Broke as hell, Yes but Deadbeat, i dont think so. Thanks sista for letting me use ur login to address this Fact less nonsense.

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