Deadbeat Dad Ricardo Fontaine

Posted on : 07-06-2010 | By : Crappy Dads | In : Deadbeat Dads, Georgia


Ricardo Nathaniel Fontaine aka Jaws, Rick, Mack-a-shit; from North Philly & Now moved 2 ATL. Jaws is such a deatbeat whom has not seen his 2 sons since last yr. & b4 that haven’t seen them n about 3yrs prior 2 that! The Deadbeat don’t even call his boys, on b-days or no other Holiday. He is not only my deatbeat baby daddy but also my husband. & may I add he is about 20 grand n the whole 4 child support, this man has No Job, House, Car or Education! What was I thinking, c ladies that’s y u don’t marry ur childhood sweet heart, when they have the 4 No’ssss! Lesson Learned. Watch out.

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Sorry to hear about your situation, this guy is an a-hole. I hope you are pursuing this with the law. Having been there, done that, I can assure it will eventually catch up with him and your boys should receive justice. Hang in there and thanks for warning the rest of us.

I married mine too…and I ended up on this website too! Definitely a lesson learned!

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