Deadbeat Dad Richard Lee

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My son Michael, has a deadbeat dad , RICHARD STEVEN LEE WITH MANY AKAS,  was supposed to be recieving , JUNE 1997 , heath insuance ,medical insuance ( which dropped every year from 1997 ,Life insuance policy which was dropped almost every year .  $1,500 per week until 22 years old .  Car , Car insurance ,gas , any repairs in the car , tires , (no he did not ) shool,books , cameras for school (3,500 cannon camera and I had to pay . ( he works on film , music video’s ) Which was part of his interenship , I had to pay to fly him where the videoes were beening done , he work with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, John Legend, Beyonce, Birdman, Fat Joe, Sean Kingston, and more.  At last minute I had to fly him down to Miami Which was costly, however beneficial to his education.

We have not recieved 1 cent that I am aware of !  There have been many trikke Stips , he changed .  He had previously been dx by one of the Therapoist as a sociopath .  No clothing , food , shelter and thousands of dollars in medical bills .  He has money to buy off just about everyone .  I have spent almost my last few thousand dollars to help my son , who once again had to go to a phacopharmacologist due to PTSS .  He is also starting to remember when his dadbeat and slamed my head into walls .  Apparerntly he had put that out of his mind .  I am suppoosed to go to The Family Court Nassau County this Thursday , My funds are limited and He can buy anyone off .  I would not mind trying to payout over time , however I fear , once again he will pay someone off .

I have such saddness for my child and have done the best I could , I know he wishes hiss father would care, that will never happen!

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