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This is Ryan Falcon, the deadbeat dad of my child. He has only seen our 2 year old daughter a few times, less than I have fingers, because of multiple excuses he makes up. The only legitimate time I even count him as a father is the day our daughter was born where he acted as he should and even signed paternity papers. After that day he decided to move away for school and, well, thats pretty much the end of things. Im continually reminded by him that he’s just a broke student and cant afford to pay me nothing to help with his daughter but I continue to find images like the one above. He’s in Cancun on vacation, broke my ass. Although he claims to be a great dad, the truth is obviously not and Im glad I found this website. I could also use some direction on how I can enforce child support, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for sharing your deadbeat story, sorry you have to deal with such an immature tool.

When it comes to the enforcement of child support it really depends on the state you reside in. Each state has different laws and guidelines, the best you can do is research these guidelines and file for child support accordingly. We plan on adding helpful links and information on our site to guide you on your journey, please check back in the near future or follow our RSS feed. One must be headstrong and determined because no one will do it for you. Thanks again for sharing and please feel free to update us with the progress of your deadbeat story.

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Im so excited to find this site I cant even explain. Ryan, you should get your crap together and get back in contact with your daughter. You have no idea what your missing out on.

Im signing up for your RSS feed and cant wait for some other articles to comment on. Seeya soon!

Deadbeat parents are selfish aholes and pieces of crap. I have been fighting for 14 years for my ex to do the right thing but I should have seen he doesent know what that is cuz, mommy never taught him.His mother always did all his thinking for him now his wife does. Its pathetic. He will be 50 years old this week and lives with mommy and pays no rent or utiities she supports him and his cow wife. Anyway he owes me 32 grand and I will keep fighting for it. Some people say give it up. Not me. His name is Patrick OToole and he lives in wingdale NY. He is married but hes sleeps around. He is a charmer so ladies look out and run if you meet him. He is bad news from the start.

my x has moved out of my house (where he did not work for all 8 yrs) and he moved back in with his ex. He has never paid a dime!!!!! Nothing in 4.5 years. I alway thoughts if I loved him more, pushed him more…but the bottom line he is a deadbeat dad that used his child as a meal ticket… D

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