Deadbeat Dad Shawn Cho

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Name: Shawn Cho
(Age: 25, Marine)

Had no interest during the whole pregnancy, the day his daughter was born, and til this day has no interest… His daughter will be 1 next month and has NEVER payed for child support.  I called/txted one day that his daughter was in the ER with a high fever… He still chose to hang out with his girlfriend instead of coming to see his daughter… Let me add-when I did try to give him a chance to spend time with his daughter, he was too busy getting coked up and drunk… Think twice before dating this douchbag-he doesn’t take care of his responsibilities!!!!

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Ummmm is this guy still in the marines? all you have to do is report this to his command and he will be FORCED to pay child support and FYI drug use in the US military is 0 tolerance soooooo

This post is so BS its not even funny. Sounds like you have no accountability for your actions either. By the time the daughter is old enough to see the pic, this website will be non-existent

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