Deadbeat Dad Ted Boort

Posted on : 25-05-2010 | By : Crappy Dads | In : Deadbeat Dads


This is Ted Van Boort he left his family with lots of bills and his kids have to go to a shelter to get affordable housing. He makes rude comments about feeling sorry for myself when I’m concerned about my 3 kids, Ted made sure he has a place to live. He also borrowed money from me and I paid his phone bill and all he can do is make rude comments. He also has a $700.00 guitar I bought and I told him I could sell it for money he won’t give it back.

UPDATED: 12/13/10
I have now put my 3 kids in a house and I have my older kids helping me support his 2 kids. We finally go to court on February 3 2011, it is hard I have to keep running back and forth to court cause he won’t give his address. He does not want to support his kids. He e-mailed his daughter for her birthday, I asked when didn’t you call her on her cell but no answer. He also has herpes and is infecting who ever he sleeps with. I was pregnant with our second child when he gave it to me. The woman warned him and he said it’s ok we’ll be together forever and than came and gave it to me. How nice… not.

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He’s way too old to have any excuses for his behavior. Nothing short of the law would probably move him. Considered pressing “Criminal Non Support” charges? Self centered boys like this usually never learn on there on. My prayers are with you. Been there, done that and you have to stay strong and focused because this guy has no concept of responsibility.

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