Deadbeat dad Thomas Matthew Benjamin

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Thomas Matthew Benjamin born June 10th 1977 to Virginia and Matthew Benjamin of Miami, Florida is a true definition of a deadbeat dad. This deadbeat also goes by the name “Face, ScarFace, Tommy, Matthew”, known to live in Wellington, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, Royal Palm Beach, FL & maybe even Miami, FL & graduated from McArthur high school, also attended Florida Atlantic University. Used to work for a law firm in Boca Raton/Delray, FL until he was fired =). He regularly visits a recreation center in Greenacres,FL where he attemps to play basketball. He still lives in FL or Texas as he claims and makes all kinds of excuses on why he cant pay child support. Yet he brags to everyone he knows that he is a baller, takes frequent business trips and he takes care of his kids yet he owes me almost 10k in child support, pay up deadbeat! Not to mention he is a pedophile, thats right a pedophile, a womanizer and a compulsivre liar. You cant believe a word that comes out of this deadbeat’s mouth, all he does is have kids he cant take care of….LAME! This deadbeat is the scum of the earth and even scooped so low to replace my child that he named another one of his kids after my child! Trust me when I say you will pay your dues deadbeat and everything written here is a fact! If you know this LAME, an address of place of employment please report him to Florida Child Support @ 1-800-622-5487…now RUNTELDAT!

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This deadbeats phone number is (786)718-4647 or call his business at (206)888-5646

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