Posted on : 14-02-2011 | By : Shamy | In : Deadbeat Dads, Michigan


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He is one of the most sorriest excuses of a man I have ever meant! He is the father to my wonderful 12 year old son and has seen him maybe a total of 6x’s his whole life and he is hit and miss when it comes to his child support, but for the last year he has only paid a total of $10. He not only doesnt pay child support but has never in 12 years sent so much as a birthday or christmas card to his first born. He has never called on birthday’s or christmas. He just recently blocked his son from his Facebook page after his son tried to reach out to him in attempt to get to know him, and then if that wasnt bad enough he stood right next to his son at McDonalds and didnt even say one word to him, he acted like he was just some strangers child. This list could go on and on with examples but I think this is a pretty good indication that this man….no excuse me boy deserves to be on this page!

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