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Allen Charles Richardson is a deadbeat dad. We have twin daughters that have special needs. One of my girls has to have neurosurgery to correct a genetic disorder of her brain. He tells me that my daughters aren’t his and he doesn’t want them. He has never seen them. The only time he ever contacts me is to try to get back together which i quickly tell him to get lost. My girls come first. He has not paid a dime in child support, won’t help with their medical bills, won’t help with insurance, won’t help with them period. Don’t be his next baby momma because he already has enough kids that he won’t support. If you of you mommas out there have babies with this man don’t be afraid to contact me.

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Hello, I have met this man…. and I use this word loosely. Sounds like there is another half brother or sister on the way for his current children, and he has other women targeted to do the very same thing! Jdolbear I took a chance and messaged one of the J & J on facebook, please contact me we may be able to stop another tragedy.

Wow… I think this problem can be nipped in the bud. He says that the children are not him? You should have the children genetically tested, to see if they really are his.

Because you see, what can happen is, you could have been impregnated by the Holy Spirit, and not even know it. It happened to Mary…Or it could have been another man .. You wouldn’t admit it here if it was, would you?

The genetic disease, if it is not in his family, and it is not in your family, the logical conclusion is that he is not the biological parent of the daughters.

Are you afraid you will be exposed as a slut? Test the girls and let the truth come out.

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Hi Jdolbear82, I am a fellow sufferer of deadbeatdad-itis in Montana. I married a man that seemed like a prince charming but in actuality turned out to be a retard in tin foil! My ex husband hid everything from me, took all of my savings and slanders me verbally to everyone that knows me. My ex is a true sociopath in every sense of the word. I have explored every option there is in Montana to get my ex to pay child support but what can I do with a deadbeat that hides in an organized religion, works illegally under the table, refuses to file his taxes and makes himself the bleeding heart victim every chance he gets! Even though he has money to go on nice summer vacations with instead of paying child support. My ex owes his 1st wife $77,000 in child support (He hid this from me) and he owes me $10,000 so far. If anyone knows of ANY attorney that would be willing to help me go after my deadbeat ex in Montana please contact me!

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