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Here he is everyone the catch of the day Walter Conner a real work of art.  This thing is the father of 2 of my children he currently owes me over $10,000 in child support he thinks that $500 a month is to much to be expected to pay in support for 2 children. He claims that he doesn’t want to work just to give me money. (WOW) I didn’t know if ya’ll knew but kids are free these days I guess!!!
He is an abuser, a felon, a liar,a cheater, hes lazy and if I forgot anything about this winner I apologize. Note to all the ladies if you see him please run, scream, cry, mase him do whatever you have to do just get away!!!!  No child or human deserves what he has done to my children and I.

Walter, we are all glad you grew up to be the “winner” you are. Thanks for being a supportive parent to two beautiful children that love you regardless of your idiotic actions. Grow up boy!

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Refuses to work to pay you money. Someone needs to write a list of all the excuse deadbeats use, then interpret them in English. What he really means is he doesn’t want to work to “support his children”, but that sounds trifling.
If he hasn’t sought custody so he could pay their expenses directly then he has no intention on supporting them period
I hope if you so choose, find a legal remedy to hold him accountable, as his rationale exposes him for the immature person he is, that will never get the concept that children need to be supported.

Have you opened a case with your local Attorney General to address this issue? It’s not Walter’s choice whether to pay child support, it’s his RESPONSIBILITY…

Don’t enable him to be a deadbeat. He can run but he can’t hide forever. Make sure you turn him over to the law…

Dallas, TX

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