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My ex-husband deadbeat David M. Jackson last known address is Oysterville Washington owes more than $48,000 in past due child support. He makes no effort to set up payment arrangements nor communicate to anyone what specific plans he has for supporting his children. The simple request of “how much money can I reasonably expect?” is beneath him.

He does not visit his children because he considers it “baby sitting” for me despite the fact the kids are now 10 and 13 years old. They both have a form of autism called Asperger Syndrome which can make their behavior difficult to manage at times. I have done just fine the last 5 years without any of his help in raising the children. He not once entered into a visitation agreement so I could not plan a life around it. Not a card or acknowledgment to his kids of any holiday or birthday to pass. Everyone he expected should just wait on him to ring the bell and come running to his whim.

Dave lives the most remote place possible to be involved with his kids simply because he chooses not to take responsibility for actual care and support of his children. Just drop out. Take the lazy way out. That is the Dave Jackson “JustCallMeDave” way of doing things.

In fact his narcissism goes so deep that he refuses to read ANYTHING negative about himself. That includes the child support bills or the court evaluations of his shortcomings as a father and a human being.

Dave has plenty of time to be the overlord and gestapo of the online fishing community Plenty of people can tell you how once crossing him with the smallest of infractions Dave reported their personal email addresses as spammers, reported their websites as phishing scams, and went into private messages on the website to “monitor” communications. He was the guy who sat on the site all day to immediately pull down any posts with non-paid ads for any products that might threaten the sponsor ad revenue for the site. As quick as his response time he was sitting on that site all day and night. His admonishment of fellow members of the website with a holier than thou attitude was stomach turning knowing his personal history.

I know I made more than a few days when I exposed his personal files to a few choice new online friends to see what hypoCRAZY was at work with “JustCallMeDave.”

Yet he and the website owner like to pee on everyone’s leg and say that its raining claiming that he received no pay or any form of compensation for this diligent effort.

Dave likes to talk about how much more intelligent he believes himself to be than the rest of the world. Most people are just not as exciting as he is calling other folks, the bill paying, job holding, respectable folks “vanillas” to make himself feel better.

A hobby of Dave’s is to pull off spoofs where he can get people to believe things that are not true. He will edit websites to look like something else to convince you that all is OK. He fakes child support statements to tell other people that the case is under control and he is making all of his payments. He has a great story that his ex wife just goes after him for the thrill of it and has his fake support statements to “prove it.” I provide links and a case number so anyone can verify who the liar is.

Dave was invited for THREE MONTHS straight on another website that he took the time to email the administrator of and ask that the information about his DeadBeat status be taken down along with the tale of woe that his ex-wife lives in a nicer house than he does. The invitation stands today to prove that he is the victim he can’t do it because it is not true.

As an internet addict who has lost everything for his addictions to online self aggrandizement there is not a whole lot that Dave offers to the world. Any shred of once promising future has been traded in for long nights with the keyboard telling other people how marvelous he believes himself to be. Nowhere for him to go from his hovel hunched click clacking away about his fantasy life.

When all else fails Dave makes veiled or explicit threats to kill himself. These have been going on for 15 years now. It is a great way of controlling the people around him and getting what he wants. Then once you say “go ahead – do it – I have had enough of you” then suddenly his self preservation instincts and manipulation are clearly shown. He likes to threaten that he will die then drop off of his chat community just to see how many people “really care.” I watched him laughing about it like a game back when I was married to him. The emotions and caring of others fuel his sadistic superiority complex.

He likes to take pictures of himself in the midst of self pleasure activities and share online with friends. Heck he likes to take it to Craigslist and AdultFriendFinder too. His life is one bad dick joke after another.

Any promise of a career in the future gone too. You can’t get fired for porn at work too many times without the word getting out. He went from federal government computer administrator to waiter or who the hell knows what because he refuses to report his actual employment.

Go ahead say he has a mental illness. I agree. Two hospitalizations and hours of therapy I helped pay for did nothing to help him because he refuses to do the work to get well. Mental illness is an explanation, a path toward correction, not an excuse to fling yourself out there NOT medicated into the world and leave a path of victims.

For every bit of petty vindictive behind my back bullshit he has done to me, there are a dozen other people whom he imagines have done him wrong and he screws with just for the fun of it.

Don’t feel bad for Dave, he threw it all away himself. He is not a fickle finger of fate scenario holding the poor sap down. Dave’s life is a long tale of poor choices and deception toward everyone who has ever cared about him.

Only online can people believe he is so great when they don’t know what an utterly cruel vile wreck of human sewage rests beneath the photoshopped surface.

So if you happen to have accurate information about Deadbeat David M. Jackson born May 1970 living on the Long Beach Peninsula Washington State please reference case number 0710262976-01 and report to:

If you have happened to hire him or just figured it out and fired him please go to:

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