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Mr Boettcher has decided he will not support his son that he chose to have. Behind over $4000 in child support, goes to great lengths to hide his employment so they cant garnish him. He will not even see his son; he often lies about being in town on his weekend to have him so he doesn’t have to see him. He does however tell other girls that he does take him, and also tells them that his mom won’t let him see him, which is a lie. He can spend money on dogs, boats, motorcycles, and his new girlfriend’s kids, but can’t afford to keep diapers on his, or provide any food, toys or love….DEADBEAT!

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Why don’t you be a real man Steve and get a job and not rely on Devan’s child support to pay for your familys house pmt. And if you can’t afford “Your Family” then stop sleeping with other men’s wives and knocking them up!!!

Hey Steve did you know that your wife doesn’t tell you the truth about everything? Did you know that she was meeting up with Devan in the park and eating lunch? Also you wife has some nice pictures being prego with your firstborn espcially when she was prego. I liked the naked ones myself! Which you probably never seen since you cant afford to fix a computer that was never yours. Also I think they should have a site called dead beat moms. Kinda funny how Brandy lost her daughter in a court battle with her ex-boyfriend. Or how about the fact she has 3 kids by 3 different dads! Here’s a low blow, Enjoy your life Steve with the bitchiest girls alive, which your probably know that since rumor has it that your miserable. Have fun in the baby factory!

Rely on Devans child support….? I work 7 days a week to care for his son, put a roof, over his son! The only money we have received in the last 4 months is his state return which they had to garnish from him!!!! He hasn’t freely given to his son in over 4 months! I am happy, and at least his son now has someone who will spend time with him! She did tell me about the lunch…I trust her. And she lost her daughter because DEVAN caused mental abuse and caused them to loose their house, making her move around! I read the judgment the judge wrote! Thanks Devan for messing that up, and don’t worry….I, yes I will make sure your son has everything he needs!

Oh, and I did fix that computer for her, before we even got married, and the only way Devan got those pictures was from hacking into her FaceBook account, which I believe is against the law. And like Devan can say anything about sleeping with other peoples wives….isn’t he living with a married woman right now. Maybe she shouls look him up on and see how many lawsuits there are against him which total in the 10’s of thousands. Habitual liar, and theif!!! But give it a few years and she will be looking for better just like his first wife did!

almost $10,000 behind….winner

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