deadbeat father!

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this is alex sellers. he is 21 years old going on 22 . he has 6 ( count ‘em … SIX! ) kids ! my beautiful daughter by the name of brooklyn being one of them. As far as i can tell he only claims|takes care of ONE ! he bought my duaghter ONE pack of diapers and he only saw her ONCE when she was one month old. my daughter is now 15 months old. he doesn’t come by, he doesn’t call. he lied about having christmas gifts for her last year ! he “claims” she isn’t his,yet he won’t help pay for a DNA test. if you see this man turn and RUN AWAY ! he’s no good & a freaking liar !

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My son’s dad is a real deadbeat as well he has a son somewhere in NC which he claims to take care. I’ts all a big lie if he does buy him thing’s it comes from his mom’s pocket. Someone may know him his name is Gilberto Inglez Rodriguez also known as dirty bert or bert. He’s from Rockville, MD if you’re ever in my area stay away from him. I’ts a small world so someone may know him or his first son’s mom.

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