Deadbeat Father James “Jimmy” Drew Harrison

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I have solid information that my daughter, biological father, James Drew Harrison aka “Jimmy” or “LIL J”, has moved to Brunswick, Georgia from Pennsylvania/West Virginia. He is originally from Laurel, Maryland — Whiskey Bottom. Our daughter is 15. Jimmy has not provided a forwarding address in the past five years. We are aware that he had another child born in August 2010 at the Brunswick Hospital, in Georgia. His 15 year old daughter had to find out via Facebook while going through her second skin cancer surgery! My daughter hasn’t received any child support payments and he currently owes approximately $10,000.00 in arrears. In addition to the above, he currently has a bench warrants issued in both the states of PA & MD for not attending his support hearings and they revoked his license. Non-custodial parents should NOT have the right to complain about the courts decision when they are guilty of giving their power away for someone else to decide for them by not showing up to court! Children are a life long commitment and can’t be abandoned when you get tired of the responsibility.

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Get your paperwork together, make copies of all court orders and warrants and send them to both the sheriff and the District Attorney of Glynn County, Georgia. Send a copy of the information to the Brunswick City Attorney also. Write a letter outlining your problem and include the case number of court orders for child support from the file at the clerks office. Your child has done without so that he can escape responsibility. That is not your money , it is your child’s. NEVER STOP. NEVER GIVE UP. If the state has to garnish it from his Social Security retirement pension, oh well, better late than never.

Nathan Williams • City Attorney

City Attorney’s Office is located at #5 St. Andrews Court • Brunswick, GA 31520 • Phone: 912.264.0848 • Fax: 912.264.6244

Mailing Address • City Attorney Office • P.O. Box 550 • Brunswick, GA 31521

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