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My son deadbeat dad name is Jeff Charlton 24 years old with 3 kids,i have a son with him,he never was involve in his son life he is 6 years old only gaved 50 dollars all his life oh a tennis and a video game too but no phone calls no nothing,he isnt there physically ,finacially or emotionally,my son only hear from him is on his birthday just to say happy birthday ,my son is ready to give up on his dad and am too the point where i dont ever want to hear from him again..i dont want his money i just want him to be involve in his sons life my son is a very smart caring lil boy does well in school so he isnt no fool he knows whats going on. He claims he love his son but doess nothing for him at all,his daddy plays the father
role in his grandsons life. He dont have to give me money just send things but if he never be in his life then awww well i will just continue to play both roles i just want the world to know he is a deadbeat daddy and am fed up and done

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Thank you so much!

This isnt true can you remove this. No respond from emails to have it remove

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