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This is my husband Timothy Wayne Baker. He is currently living with a 40 year old stripper named Laura Mann in Gastonia N.C.. We have one child together. He is currently over $21,000.00 behind in childsupport. Thanks to the US marshalls service I was able to get him into court and have him locked up. He was able to make bail, via the GF, and now only pays enough to keep him out of jail. His arrearage is untouched and he is currently behind $400.00 additional dollars from the last court order. I am tired of dealing with the courts, and his dollar ans change payments, You Owe over $21,000.00, and damnit you should have to pay all of it, expeditiosly!!! Did I mention he supports the girlfriends children, because their fathers don’t???? He’s not just a deadbeat, he is a lowlife!!!!!

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I’m tired of dealing with the courts myself, but dss could do a better job also! I called the child support office after my sons father had got a little behind and the lady that took my call was like “well, he paid 5.00 in september”. WTF, and at the time I called it was november! The government thinks raising a child on 5.00 a month is possible!?!? Btw, read my story the one below yours. I relate well to how you must feel about the fact that your husband is financially supporting another woman and her kids. Its a sad situation, but karma is a bitch and that woman as well as your husband will have to deal with thier own karma in time.

I agree with you both, I am having areally hard time with getting any help from the system. They refuse to Suspend his license, he’s a truck driver, they won’t suspend his passport, he was just on vaca w his girlfriend, according to the state he make too little to suspend his license, wtf they just ordered him to pay 240 weekly for both kids based off his income. I really don’t understand who the system works for, this is extremely frustrating.

You damn right its frustrating BK Mom, I have given Child Support Enforcement everything on my daughter’s dad, his address, his work address, he has a warrant!!! for his cs. So I ask why has he not been arrested yet? There answer was waiting on the paperwork, well by the time they get the damn paperwork done, he will have moved and switched jobs. Pathetic!

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