Deadbeat in Colorado

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This guy is a deadbeat dad and loves to work the system and women. He’s is now over $6000 in arrears in child support and owes the gov’t back taxes from 2006 and on with a tax warrant following him. He uses our son to win the hearts of women thinking that he is responsible dad, HARDLY!!! Everything out of his mouth is a lie, like he has tested at genius level inteligience, could of been on the olympics for karate, and ect. Don’t believe a word of it. This guy is bad news stay away…

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my name is sherry heaton, or sherry daily, or sherry dupons. i’m a stupid whore!

I can see right through you. Why do you humiliate your son through the dad on this posting?

Well since you know my son’s dad, then you know right now that he is 2 months behind on child support, that his son can only go to collage on grants and scholarships but no loans because his dad has not paid any taxes since 2007 on. His dad has not paid his share of medical or karate lessons as is in our parental aggreement. If you would like to inguire about more info on Bobby check child support services and the IRS should give you plenty of info on what I say is true. As in humilating my son he knows he can’t count on his dad to come thru on anything he says because my son has had to deal with it and now is old enough to understand , first hand at this time. I don’t have to say anything to my son. The reason this was on hear to begin with was to get him to start paying to help support his son and to warn any other women who fall for his stories. He has a state and federal tax warrant out for him also.

I see that Imnovindictive is a person who checks out other poeples entries and adds it’s 2 cents worth but has no knowledge of the situation……Are you a stalker?

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