Deadbeat in Dayton, OH

Posted on : 18-12-2010 | By : TiredofDeadbeats | In : Deadbeat Dads, Ohio


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Take a good look at Craig Dockery. This poor excuse of a man owes ONE of his kids mothers over $31,000 in back child support. He is a thief- He worked in the nursing field, and stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from an elderly lady. He stole thousands of dollars in money from a couple kind enough to open up their home to him when he had nowhere to go. He is a liar. He lied to his kids on several occasions- telling them all these wonderful toys and clothes he had gotten them, only to find out, he only bought the kids he shared with a now ex-wife Christmas gifts. He told the courts and his kids he had lung cancer (his mother has recently passed away from lung cancer), only to prevent jail time… but he had no right to tell the gried strucken kids…. He is a cheater. He cheated on me with the woman he married, and once he got married, he would pass up my apartment at the time, everyday to go and lay up with his girlfriend. Didnt even have the courtesy to say hi to his kids as he rode passed them everyday. Now our kids want nothing to do with him. He is currently in jail for non payment of child support. Which is the best place for him. He stole and lied to so many people, jail is the safest place for him.

…Hey Craig, if by chance you are reading this, I have a little word of advise for you…


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