Deadbeat in Michigan

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This deadbeat lives with mom and dad, is 27 years old and does not have a job. He refuses to get a job because he is just about $11,000 in the rear. He has another child on the way, he cant even support the 2 he has now. His kids’ mother works hard to make sure the kids have everything they need, from clothes to food, to schoold supplies to recreational fun as well. I decided to post on here on her behalf. His parents and grandparents cant stand this deadbeat either. Terry Jarembo is his name, and not paying a dime is his game!

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I know this dude. He’s a great dad! He’s actually got 4 beautiful children and he takes care of all of them. He works 60 hrs a week every week! This looks like someone just trying to act out of pure hate and start some crazy rumors lol. Hope you get it figured out buddy, and for the author of this do some research before you start some random crazy shit talk. It’s gotta be Jason Gustafson still mad from when this dude used to kiss his gf amanda young back in the 90’s lol

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