Deadbeat King Of Missouri

Posted on : 29-06-2011 | By : overstressedmom | In : Deadbeat Dads, Missouri


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This is Rodney James Fields. He owes me according to the last time I talked with the social worker handling my case over $68,000.00 in back support. He also has a child that was born in Germany that he has NEVER paid child support for either. I have 2 sons with this man. I have asked him time and time again to help me with his sons but all I ever get is “I am not working…I am not making that much money…I don’t have any money.” That my friends it a ball faced lie. I have found out that he has IRA’s with over $42,000.00 sitting in them. My sons are 15 and 13 years old. They have not seen their father since before August of 1994. He has not offered to come and see them or send them Birthday cards or even a Christmas card in all this time. I live in Alabama while he lives with his parents in Missouri. I am struggling to make ends meat for my sons while he is living off of his parents. I have asked him to help buy school clothes for the boys but I have yet to receive any help from him or his parents.

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