Deadbeat Matty AKA Deadbeat Dad

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Dead beat daddy Matt is amazing… he has 3(11,14,16) boys and was laid off twice in 1996 and 2001… now I know why … L.A.Z.Y!!Then found more ways to get his wife to work to hustle income to provide for him and the boys while he sat home and cooked meals for charity and folded socks!!! 5 years later, he found a way to collect disability off of our tax dollars and can’t seem to pay a thing for his kids… He’s disabled alright, he can shoot a rifle, ice-skate, go hunting, camping, canoeing,BOWLING!!! & DANCING!! play football but he can’t(won’t) work… need more proof… I hired a PI to video him and have 7hrs of action-packed footage over 6 months of pure action… AND he qualifies to keep getting checks!! Imagine that!! SSI doesn’t seem to check out their peeps once they pay out lump sums!!! Oh here’s the kicker..Oh this summer, wouldn’t we have loved to travel the fine East coast USA as he did for three weeks, then 2 weeks in South Dakota, and 2 weeks in NJ!!! I’m tickled to see a woman stuck paying alimony went to provide a cultural experience for him touring the US of A!!! In the divorce it says he’s responsible for all his bills both present and prior. He had a delinqent tax bill for … dare I say, the “taxes” on his disability lump sum! He had the absolute balls to expect I’d pay that bill too… I say, “Baby your gravy-train is over!!” It’s time this Daddy got a J.O.B. and report to his Uncle….SAM, then try paying some child support bucko…He then thought he could “cut a deal and asked if I’d pay half, because….the alimony I paid him was, “tied up in a CD.” Again baby, crack open that bank account and pay your bills…and while your at it.. SHINE YOUR SHOES CAUSE WE HAVE A DATE IN COURT OCTOBER 15TH 1030AM… BE THERE BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE A JOB TO GET OUT OF…
so bring your checkbook to pay your bill. P.S. It wouldn’t hurt for you to pick up the phone and call your kids….

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wow you got him good

Thanks! He got away with things for way too long.. and thank goodness I have one awesome attorney. I’d like to see more women get these deadbeats kicked in the ass and I hope he gets caught soon by SSI

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