Deadbeat owes is 3 kids $70K

Posted on : 10-03-2011 | By : ah13488 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Oregon


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My ex has paid $30 in 3 years for the 3 kids he abandoned. He is a real class act jerk. He owe his kids $1,867 a mo + 100% insurance and he does nothing. He works under the table and gets off with random women. He has not seen or talked to the kids since thanksgiving of 2007.
HE IS A WOMAN BEATER!!!! He beat the crap out of me while we were together. He almost killed my youngest while I was pregnant with her..

He has ALWAY worked until he was ordered to pay child support.

I have filed multiple complaints and Contempt docs with the states child support department but THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING… They tell me it is more or less my job…

All I can say is not only does my ex suck so does the state..

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