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This man is a piece of work. Not only is he completely insane, he dreams of killing people, hurting people and molesting girls. He is a complete nutcase. He has been in an institution and was diagnosed as a paranoid delusional schizophrenic. He does not seek mental help, but instead believes he is just fine and that everyone else is crazy. He is a violent man, threatening to kill the mother of his first child if she ever tried to take him. He eventually overstepped his bounds and filed for custody, which he lost by a landslide, so luckily his first child is with the mother, although he doesn’t pay a dime to help with expenses. He doesn’t help because he hasn’t had a job in a decade. He has mooched off family and friends and does not stand on his own to take care of himself or his child. He is obsessed with becoming a rock star and believes that he will tour the world one day and be rich and famous. Now he has gotten married to a former extreme drug user with two kids by different dads. They live on government assistance because they’re lazy, not because they need it. He has now gotten his wife pregnant, so here comes another child he won’t take care of. Watch out ladies, because eventually him and his wife will split up and he’ll be back out there, hunting for the next one. DO NOT fall into his traps OR let him impregnate you. He is a liar, a manipulator and he is pure EVIL!!!!!

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Why would anyone date him none the less get pregnant by him?EW.

LOL …. wow … wow is all i can really think of to say right now … accidently came across this page about “ME” …and thought wow ….maybe i should clear up some of this garbage talk … first off i can only assume that my sons mother posted this in an attempt to somhow hurt my reputation ? …regaurdless my rebuttle:

#1. we are not on any kind of government help what so ever.

#2. my wife works at the sherrifs department, you cannot get a job there with anykind of qeustionable background.

#3. i cant spell …lol… im dyslexic so please excuse the bad spelling

#4. i was indeed put in institutions and diagnosed with some mental health issues, however i do not belive that i am in any more of a mentally distrubed state of mind than anyone else alive today, we are all crazy peopel for living in this world the way we do, obsest with electronics to a point where people forget to eat, or for allowing the kids of america to run rampant as they do and glorifying being pregnant at age 16 (thanks mtv) ect ….this whole country is crazy people …so no not crazy …..becuase in a world full of crazy …we are all sane …. sons mother abandonded us (leaving him to me, signing rights over to me) to be with my best friend of 10 years, i then raised my son with out asking her for child support what so ever for 2 years. i did in fact go for full custody after learning that the papers she signed him over with were not done properly and thus i needed to take further legal actions .

at that time both her and i were living with family, mine was grandma in a small house honestly bearly big enough for one person let alone 3, she was stayign with her dad who just had a 100,000 house built with 20 foot inside ceilings ect ….so when the court case came to comparing living conditions , they had me beat… between that nad my life style choice of being a musician/public entertainer they awarded custody to her , i did not lose by a land slide, they had very little to use against me considerign i have never done drugs my entire life ( i will take any drug test any time to prove it) and i dont drink, and despite what i look like in this pic , i dont have a peircing one, and only one tatoo ..and thats my wedding ring (personally i dont like tats)

#6. my marriage, is fantastic …lol..a year and a half now and going strong, i spent almost 7 years with my sons mom ,and like so many other people in this world i hated most of it , but at the time didnt realize it ….i enjoy each day with my wife … we laugh with each other every day, we talk constantly about everything for hours ….

#7. child support,my sons mother has denied me the ability to talk to my son on the phone ….. im lucky if i get to speak to him once every couple of months …. and they live 6.5 hours away, so i only get him a couple of times throughout the year…… my wife and i have made it clear we will give her child suppport if shes lets him talk to me …but its her way or no way and she denied that as well, i have also told her on many occation i would buy him anythign needed but due to some “questionable happenings” i didnt trust sending her money outright…. but i would buy and send anythign needed …again she said no and that i needed to send her money….

#8. my son. while with me , in school his grades were great, his attitude was great he was top of the school, i was president of the p.t.a. of his headstart …and was very involved with his education both in school and out ….. within 8 months of being transfered into her care he has been expellled form one school and has many problems in the one he is in now …. it kills me to know that my son is going through so many changes in his life all at once ..for a 6 year old now its to much … and he doesnt understand it , or what he is feeling …..

oh and a side nnote here …not only do i take care of my now 6 month old duaghter , she is walking on her own while holding on to the coutch …says moma …stands on her own for a second at a time ….mimics everyhting we do knows what a spoon is and what end goes in the mouth , can drink from a regular cup …..ive built a computer based video of letter learning for the sound develoupment of the letters themselves ….. i dont have a job …. im stay at home dad …my wife told me to be .. she wanted to work and if i got a job it would litterally pay for the babysitter and gas ….so there is no point in that when i ca nstay with them and make sure everyhting goes well at home ….

for everything here i have messages backed up, court docs, pics, multiple ways to prove everythign stated here …. so please judge me, a man …a monster i am whatever you think i am becuase in the eyes of people, we are only what they see us as …nothing more nothign less … first impressions right …lol… and to the person called “bornslippy” saying “ew” who would get pregnant by me ect ..LOL …. honestly the chances are im a better persona than any man you have ever dated or been with to any degree or ever will be with …. i dont abuse women, i dont talk down to them, i treat my wife as not only an equal but somone much better than i … shes beautifull and i tell her that everyday …i still thank her for marriing me and loving me becuase it amazes me that somone so awesome could love somone like me ….i dont hit women, i dont cheat on people ..i never have not once ….and in fact i could have came on here and got mad and started crap talkign my ex ..did i ? … not at all ..i only stated fact and i even left out a few that would have damaged her social standing …

so again call me a monster …..becuase apparently im a horrble person ….lol..

Ok so since I know him I am saying this right now and will say it any time I am asked the lies that are being told about him are such bull that it is almost amusing and in the long run all that this site is doing is showing how small and petty the people on here are because if they can get people to listen to them in real life then they have to get people just as small minded and petty to try and trash on the person about them so congrats to you whoever posted this your little pity party has failed you and another fun fact for you is that if ever the time came that your slander caused problem for the family then they can have the account name and info tracked and even if you have it under a fake account it won’t help because of a wonderful thing called an ip address all leading back to you and you can be charged with harassment and slander so I hope for you it is worth it to tell lies and try to make a good guy seem like a monster.

Eric’s wife here. I would also like to add a couple of other facts: The child’s mother refuses to cooperate by giving us lists of things the child needs. We have bought the child many items of clothing, socks, underwear, shoes, jackets, toys, etc. and every time we get him for a visit he says his mother won’t let him have the things we get him. We have bought some things she asked us to buy and she then refused them and told us to keep them. She will not even give us HER address to send payment to. How can we send her a child support check if she won’t tell us where she lives? Eric and I are responsible parents who take pride in our children. This type of slander on our reputation is appalling, pitiful and childish.

Please remove this post from this site. There are multiple searches for this individual with the same name in different areas. This constitutes as deformation of character, and legal action will be taken.

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