Deadbeat Robert and his family

Posted on : 11-02-2011 | By : Da Mamma | In : Deadbeat Dads, Indiana


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This is Robert Darren Nunn Jr. He is an abuser, liar and many would say that he is an overal bum. I wouldn’t be that nice.

He hasn’t paid child support since September 2002. He used to have “parenting time” with his son but his idea of that was bringing him to the house and then either retiring to his bedroom (sometimes alone sometimes not) or leaving him alone all day (sometimes night). During on of this Parenting Time visits, he decided to up the ante by beating the boy up for forgetting his comb. After a lame attempt to justify it in court, the judge determined that he can’t even see him until december of 2012! The criminal case is in February and because he is already convicted of Domestic Battery, who knows what the judge will say.

After that he will be arrested for failing to pay child support because he can’t even claim the time credit they allow here in Indiana.

And he still hasn’t paid a dime in child support payments. Bum Bum Bum!

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