Deadbeat Son of Well Known Wenatchee Orthopedic Surgeon Brandon Starkweather

Posted on : 16-08-2011 | By : itshelpmerhonda | In : Deadbeat Dads, Washington


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Although the this physician is one of the best in Wenatchee valley you should also know that he and his wife help protect and promote their son from being a responsible father. Although they know their son has a baby right here in Wenatchee..they have been hiding him in another state so that neither he nor they need to be responsible to their own flesh and blood. The family has not bought one gift, paid one cent or asked one time how their grandchild is doing. They paid for the DNA tests that proves that they are the biological family and still they do nothing to ensure the health and welfare of this child. Its a typical upper middle class family who thinks money can make their problems go away…but soon everyone in our community will know just what kind of people you are.

Starkweather orthopedics….Not your family oriented clinic…after paying for DNA results they still refuse to do anything to promote the familial bonding health or welfare of their own GRANDDAUGHTER…..They hide their son and cower like the yellow bellies they truly are.

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Why so bitter, bitch? Take a second, a third job. Off to work with you, don’t you know that “Arbeit macht frei” That means that working will make you free.

No man owes you anything, no matter what some faggot of a judge told you. Actually, we don’t like your kind around. It would be better for you to invest in a rope and just go and hang yourself somewhere in the woods where nobody can see your ugly corpse.

Gee Douglas county court rooms corrupt…nah! Im in a similar situation with a doctor that has not paid child support for four children in seven year in Grant County. The courts allowed him to get away with it….both Grant and Douglas County have the same mediators and substitute judges …the two counties are known of their corruption..

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