Posted on : 24-09-2010 | By : sasha | In : Deadbeat Dads


This stupid idiot right here is called DONDRE LAWRENCE HOLCOMBE born in 6/27/1980 yes that’s right he is 30yrs old but lies to people that he is 26yrs…..ok so this bum bitch has a 9mnth old son who he doesn’t take care of…he doesn’t call or text to see how he is doing not even coming to see him when he comes to atl…oh yea he lives in spartanburg s.c…but he comes to atl to party and can’t even have the nerve to come and see his son after i even told him he has all the access to see him….at the end he choose not to see his son at all….financially he has only sent $265 and his son is 9mnths now(what a dumb ass)the last time he saw his son was june 22nd and prior to that was when he was 6weeks….(idiot in the 2nd degree)he don’t even go to see his other son his mom does that for him(shame on that bitch to)for accepting his deadbeat ways and supporting him…..all he does is smoke weed,drink,wear fake chains/studs and lie to people….he also has another son that he deny’s called kingston with this girl called relesha but they lie coz she got another guy thinking that he is the father(wowzers in the 3rd degree)all i gotta say is this bitch called dondre is a loser for been a deadbeat spermdonor and showing off in his sisters old ass blue honda like bitch if you are making money as you say you are then start taking care of your son,get your own car and quit depending on your mom and sister…..oh when i told him i was putting him on child support he said he won’t get a job so that he won’t have to pay….but lil does he know the IRS are coming for him for not paying taxes coz he is working as a promoter and is getting money to….so dondre pay back is a bitch boo….and with that said he is officially (a total idiot in the 1st degree)

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