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This is such a pathetic human being, this guy is nothing but lies, he said he had TWO kids when we met and some how it came out he had 3others with the same woman he just didnt claim who the he*l does that, he so pathetic I cant really say he did much like he claimed he did I do know he did somethings but Its hard to believe he really did those things because he sorry as shit my son will be 2 in july he only gave me maybe around 130-200 bucks since my son has been on this earth i dont even remember 200 maybe too much he always says he gonna do this and do that,currently waiting on Childsupport everyone knows how long that takes He has good paying jobs I spoke to his Grandma he is doing well but yet still a deadbeat she doesn’t like that who does I’d be a shame to say I raised someone so pathetic. He stays trying to get over on people I dont regret my son but him If I could erase him I’d do it without a second thought the nerve of anyman to not claim all of their kids or even mention them shows how sorry this deadbeat is. stay away from this man,whoever ends up with him better not have kids with him he probably just claim 3of em now who knows. H says he love,care and miss him, BUT how could you when never give the welfare of them smh and did I mention he asked me if he could file my son for last yrs taxes, I cussed him out.

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im sorry for what my ol boy did ,im his oldest son if your son is my lil brother i will accept him with open arms as my second little brother no problem

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