Deadbeat too Two children

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This deadbeat dad not only has one but two children.

He has no part in any of these kids lives, which is better for them in the long run. He pays child support for one but not the other. He gets to go on with life without having to be an adult and take care of his part in the children.

Be warned woman out there he is a user and doesn’t even acknowledged that he had kids at all..

Its a shame that these children have to grow up not knowing who their real father is because he could care less.

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Sounds like this lady is a little loose…Hurt your kids through the alleged dad. Maybe YOU dont believe he is the father

dear mom.
I used human interest agency…you should also.
no upfront fees.. no fees unless you collect.
what do you have to lose?
I could not believe the individual attention h.i.a. gave my case. I was cashing checks in no time at all after wasting years hoping my ex would give in.
human interest agency can get the job done.
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betty from Terrell texas …

I AM REPORTING THAT ALAN RAY NEAL OWES THE STATE OF TEXAS BACK CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENT APPROX 100,000 IN BACK CHILD SUPPORT FOR THE CARE OF HIS DAUGHTER THAT AFDC IT WAS CALLED THEN TOOK CARE OF FOR 18 YEARS THAT HE SHOULD BE PAYING SENSE HE IS WORKING AT THIS TIME. ALSO, HE OWES THE STATE OF TEXAS FOR THE MEDICAID THAT WAS PROVIDED FOR HER. MR. NEAL’S BABY’S MOTHER FILED CHILD SUPPORT ON HIM WITH THE HELP OF HIS SISTER PROVIDING HIS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO HER. ITS ASSUMED MR. NEAL WAS UNDER SOME SORT OF COURT ODER TO PAY THE SUPPORT BECAUSE WHEN HE IS WORKING, HIS WAGES AND INCOME REFUND CHECK WAS BEING TAKEN BY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF TEXAS CHILD SUPPORT DIVISION. MR. NEAL ALSO HAS STATED HE, THE MOTHER OF THERE CHILD, SHARON JOHNSON, SECOND DAUGHTER BY HIM, SHE HAS SEVEN KIDS TOTAL WENT AND TOOK A DNA TEST WHEN THE CHILD WAS A PRETEEN, TEENAGER OR ALMOST OF GROWN AGE. MR. NEAL MIGHT HAVE FELT DOING IT THEN, HE WOULD NOT OWE THE STATE ANYMORE CHILD SUPPORT DUE TO ITS ALLEGED HE WAS A NO SHOW FOR DNA WHEN THE CHILD WAS A TODDLER. MR.NEAL’S CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: JSW Steel, location: 5200 East McKinney Road, Baytown, TX 77523. (281) 383-2525. The contractor is works for the office is located somewhere in Pasadena ,Texas, however the name and address is unknown at this time. Mr. Neal allegedly has a bank account a checking and savings at the Amegy Bank , 12312 East Freeway, Houston, Texas 77015. Mr. Neal purchased his dark brown or black 3 door Ion with low profile tires and rims at the Galena Park Motors 1700 Clinton Drive, Galena Park, TX 77547. (713) 675-0559. Mr. Neal’s pays his cellular phone bill located at Cricket wireless GALENA PARK, 1701 Clinton Drive Galena Park, TX 77547 Tel: (832 ) 890-8411(next to Phillips 66 Gas Station ). His cellular number is unknown at this time. The person photo listed below is Mr. Alan Ray Neal. Black male, DOB 11/30/1965. This man should be considered armed and dangerous !!! Please use this information discretely as possible when dealing with him so that none will be hurt or killed behind this matter. Mr. Neal recently got out of PRISON for ARMED ROBBERY around August/2014 in which he served approximately 7 1/2 years on a 10 year sentence. Moreover, Mr. Neal had to serve an 30 to 60 day treatment ordered by the parole/courts due to he is such a high level drug offender at a rehab center. In his vehicle he has his prison ID badge on the rear view mirror to allow himself to remember where he came from and if so he will get a gun and start using it again. Its a good possibility the man is still on parole. Mr. Neal has been going in and out of prison for most of his adult life, it least staring at the age of 25 , if not sooner than that for all sorts of charges. Mr. Neal has been on drugs, selling drugs, stealing , using and packing guns, beginning with his preteen and teenage lifetime and living in a area of town called Clinton Park. Clinton Park, Clinton-view, and Fidelity are neighborhoods are known for a plenty drug use, all sorts of drug usage, prostitution and having crack babies. Its also, known for HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, the areas have lots and lots of high to the lowest level of drug dealers and selling to where deaths have occurred from it. Mr. Neal still resides as always in Clinton Park dealing with the same people has been and anymore out there he can find. Mr. Neal’s AS WELL RENTS AN APARTMENT THE CHEYENNE CENTER , 10525 EASTEX FREEWAY, HOUSTON, TEXAS 77093, 7136914898. THAT IS HIS LAY LOW SPOT DUE TO HE RESIDES IN CLINTON PARK MOST OF HIS TIME. HE CAN COME AND GO AS HE PLEASES AT THE APT HE RENTS. MR. NEAL OWES THE HOUSE AT 9227 RHODE ISLAND. IT WAS LEFT TO ONLY HIM BY HIS MOTHER THAT IS DEAD. HIS SISTER BARBARA, HER HUSBAND, AND KIDS LIVES THERE AS WELL. ONE OF HER SON GETS A SS CHECK. 101 DEHAVEN ST, 77029 WHERE SHE LIVED BEFORE, THEY NEPHEW SHOT A LITTLE BOY TO DEATH. THE FAMILY OF THE CHILD LIVES IN CLINTON PARK TOO. HIM AND HIS SISTER KEEPS LOTS OF TROUBLE

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