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My name is Derrick but I’m really a preacher man. I quote scriptures and post them to my FB page every day. I talk about how bad things happen to good people but if you trust in the Lord he will deliver you. I don’t consider myself a dead beat cuz I have paid child support although not consistently. Right now I’m over $16,000 in arrears. But it is not my fault that my job doesn’t pay enough. I choose jobs based on commission like car sales and auto parts. I have never had a job longer than 2 years and I’m 45 years old. But then again it is not my fault when I get fired or quit because I was accused of sexual harassment or someone is out to get me. I always find another job but never for long. I considered myself to be the perfect husband and told my wife that everything was her fault. She wanted to leave me and I told her that “this is what you wanted.”

I only see my 2 kids when it is convenient for me. I usually show up to their sport events and I will speak to everyone around my ex( separated but not divorced, although I list single on my FB page…If she wants a divorce she can pay for it is my philosophy) but I don’t speak to her. I know this upsets her but I don’t care cuz this is what she wanted. I go to these events cuz others will see me and think I’m a terrific dad cuz I’m there supporting my child. I’m usually the loudest one there cuz I like the attention. My ex has to keep taking me to court cuz don’t pay and I don’t pay 51% of their med and dental bills either. I lie when I go to court to get my way but the judge told me that I have been in the system long enough to know better. Can’t fault a guy for trying. I’m a hypocrite but none of my friends know this. i use to preach at church and teach sunday school but not anymore. Usually when my ex talks to the pastor I just move on to another church where no one knows me and I start over.

I know my kids miss spending time with me especially my son but they get punished along with my ex. I date women with kids cuz most women with kids want a man so bad that they will take a bad one just not to be alone. Lucky me. I do what I can for others so they can praise me but my own kids are last on my list. I’ve been evicted and had to live in a hotel and now I live with 3 other guys. My credit in the toilet and my checking account was closed. I would not even give my son $2.25 for lunch cuz he didn’t call me himself. My ex did but I didn’t believe her. My bad. I don’t answer her calls or texts concerning my kids cuz my ex just wants to bug me. I don’t know what is going on in my kids lives but I figure they will tell me if it is important. Despite all this I still consider myself to a good dad. Who agrees with me?

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