Deadbeat with no life

Posted on : 03-04-2011 | By : fett92208 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Minnesota


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This guy is a real trick. He pretends he’s down on his luck so that you will feel sorry for him. I was stupid and believed him. I was the working working to support HIM, while I was pregnant with his kid. He used ALL my money. Now he lives off his new stripper girlfriend and their new baby. Baby #3 (maybe 4) for him, on his 3rd baby mama. His current girlfriend supports him too. STUPID! At least I woke up and saw what his stupid ass was doing!!! He cheated on me and we broke up when our baby was TWO WEEKS OLD. He has paid ONE month of child support in 2.5 years, has only seen her a few times (I could count the times on one hand), he NEVER calls to see how she’s doing. He purposely does not get a job because he KNOWS child support will be deducted from his paycheck! She often wonders where her DADDY is and I have to try to get her thoughts on other things until she’s old enough to understand that it’s HIS STUPID ASS that has the problem, not her!!!! My little baby did NOTHING to him and he still abandoned her. He’s a reject, a manipulator, a serial LIAR, an alcoholic, a druggie, a sex addict, a cheater, a lazy bum, and a DEADBEAT FATHER. He does not deserve the title “Daddy”.

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PS. His name is Brian Meyer and he has at least one warrant out for his arrest.

Scratch that, 2 warrants now! If you see him notify Anoka county sheriff’s dept.

What are we, policemen? Do we get paid to find your deadbeat man?

No but why the hell are you on this site then? You have no life? I’m not the only one who said all that. Everybody else has asked for help looking for “their” deadbeat too. Get a life.

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