Deadbeat woman beater Luis Guzman

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This is my childrens deadbeat father Luis Thomas Guzman. Luis is 24 years old with 4 kids that I currently know of. He refuses to pay any child support towards any of them and sometimes even acknowledge them. He is court ordered to pay for his only daughter a simple $63 a week which he doesnt and has refused to take three court ordered paternity tests for his last son.

Luis is a pathological liar and also is mentally unstable. He has been arretested over 6 times with drug charges, domestic violence and battery and has a suspended license. He gets thousands of dollars for going to school while living with his mommy and daddy who support him being an abusive deadbeat, thus allowing him to stay scum and not man up.

Luis wants to tell everyone that hes the father and what a great dad he is when he hasnt paid for his kids in over two years and absolutely REFUSES to do anything for his kids too. He’s very dangerous and isnt allowed to see my children unsupervised anymore.

Recently Luis Guzman was terminated from a COURT ORDERED Batterers intervention program. He was arrested a year ago and put on probation for being me with a baseball bat in front of his two children that he ” loves so much.” Because I refuse refuses to be with him anymore (for obvious reasons), out of spite because he is obsessed with me, he posted pictures and harassing things online. He has never paid for his kids, watched his kids or even attended his last sons birth, but yet thinks he has the right to say ANYTHING about the mother who has been the ONLY ONE there for those precious kids.

Because of his refusal to pay and even show up for court ordered child support hearings, the DOR has issued a warrant out for his arrest.

He owes over 5k for his 3 year old daughter and an unknown amount and counting for his last son whose 1 and a half years old. I will NOT STOP UNTIL MY CHILDREN GET THE MONEY THAT THEY DESERVE!


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I think it would be to his advantage to sign his parental rights over, but unfortunately, that doesn’t stop child support collections.

Regarding child support, you will not see any from this man. Why did you marry him? Why did you have (not one) but two children with him? What did your mother and your father say when you announced you will marry this man?

If you married him, frankly, you do not deserve a divorce, the two of you should learn how to live together. It’s not easy, but divorce is not the answer, either. You two are married for life, “till death do you part”, remember?

Maybe both of you strayed from God. Maybe you think you can hack it through life without a man. I don’t know.

Really??? Jack Boot… They should ‘learn’ how to live together? Get real!!!

Ahhh…just been reading other posts and you just come on here to antagonize people… Dont bother replying to what I said because I wont be partaking in a childish argument with you :)

Jack Boot you must be a dead beat dad your self. or a Woman beater to make comments like that.

@MykidsAre blah blah blah…

Yes, honey, you hit the nail on the head. I am a deadbeat dad, but by no fault of my own. Divorce was forced upon me, I did not want or ask for it. As for child support, I was told i “owe” $30,000 by the time the divorce was over, and $1,400/mo afterwards … At a time when I was unemployed.

As about being a “wifebeater”, I did slap my ex-wife once, when she started bitching that “I am a bad father for working too much”. Sometimes, you have to stay at work until the job is done, but that is not something a stay-at-home mommy understands, even if she may have a college degree.

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