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This 29 year old coward is unfortunately my sons father! Let me tell yous all a story about this “man”…..Our relationship was very good at first it lasted about 3 years I left him In November of 2010! Ok ….Once upon a time in the lovely state of New Jersey In a small town called Penns Grove…Their lived a man in a house with his three dogs (pitbulls) and his friends lived there too!…..One day this man met this Beautiful/Attractive young woman and her very beautiful daughter…..They seemed to hit it off and he fell in love with both of them! a month or so had went by and before you knew it they were in a beautiful relationship and living together!…..blah blah blah ok so here is the part when things fall apart……they had a child together! the child was born in July of 2010….before this child was born or even thought about the Beautiful/Attractive young woman failed to realize how much of a scumbag this man was! this man is very insecure and jealous….he is also very possessive and controlling! So in September the Beautiful/Attractive woman was celebrating her 21st birthday..They found a babysitter and went to Atlantic City for the night with family and friends….at some point of the night while in Atlantic city another man was trying to hit on the Beautiful/Attractive mind yous the woman ignored this other man ….and from a distance the “coward/Boyfriend/baby daddy” was watching this happening he storms up to the woman and calls her very inappropriate names and proceeds to throw a drink on her…she storms out of the casino they were in and waits for everyone to get together again so they could go home….when they finally arrive home everyone says there goodbyes and leaves the woman was still upset about what had happened and was standing outside of the house not wanting to go in and continue arguing with the man…AND THEN! out of now where the man darts toward the woman like a football player and tackles her to the ground and punches her in the face….that was the first incident between the woman and the coward! another incident had happen when the woman and the coward attended a wedding and had a little to much to drink at least the woman did and the man took advantage of the opportunity and took the liberty of going through her phone…anyway that night he had taken her to his home because at the time they were not living together she had moved out…anyway the woman was unconscious because she drank to much and while she was blacked out he beat her and somehow broke her collar bone….after this the woman had enough and left him alone all together…i say he is a dead beat because he complains about have to pay child support but he always has new clothes and shoes and what not the woman is struggling to get back on her feet and take care of her two beautiful children … it is 2011 and the man is not working because he purposely quit his job so that he wouldn’t have to pay child support..”yes i know how sad” ….But all is well because the Beautiful/Attractive woman spends EVERYDAY with her beautiful children and they are living happy and doing very well without this man……..FYI this is just the worst part of the story on this coward there is so much more….i could write a book!

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My name is Jen. I am a television producer in NYC doing a show on deadbeat dads. Would love to speak with you. Please give me a call at 347-974-1641.

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