Deat Beat Missonary

Posted on : 06-09-2011 | By : lillymonster | In : Deadbeat Dads, North Carolina


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I left the Country 6 years ago to serve as a Missionary in Ecuador. I abandoned my three children and began failing behind in my child support as court order. I began slowly not taking care of them so I could better care for and preach the Word of God to people in Ecuador. Myself and my current wife have flown repeatedly to the United States to fund raise for the missions couch but have failed to care for my children. Both myself and my wife where here in the United States in may and June of this year and very successfully avoid being served court documents for a child support hearing by Child Support Enforcement. I only paid a few months last year and haven’t paid a dime since December of 2010. I hold my head high and preaching the word of God to the countryside of Ecuador while my family here in the United States suffers. I am such a proud man of God.

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