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Demetrius is a deadbeat! I have 2 children with him and he also has a daughter with another gal. He has never been around to physically be a “Dad” and for the past 5 years his payments have been ummm we’ll say lacking. He does MMA fights, which the state can’t garnish, he bounces at bars, which the state can’t garnish and does side jobs, that the state can’t garnish. I”M SO SICK OF IT!! He is dressed to impress and living up the night life with no worries of what his son’s are up to. Can’t even make a phone call to check-in with them… such a loser!

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I would like to say that he did make a payment this week. I don’t know how to update or delete this page.. but just wanted to put that out there.

Naw don’t be nice…He should have been making the payments. They need to exposed for the sorry excuses they are. He still hasn’t played his part in helping you raise your children. It’s not about making payments, he is not physically helping you raise those 2 innocent beautiful children that you BOTH created, cause he’s too busy living it up. He can pay but he still need to be there..a check is just making sure they don’t without things..but they are still without Daddy.

Well Mr. Wonderful is in jail! After 10 yrs of playing games with the Child Support they finally have him in custody.. But check this out.. The State of NEBRASKA only gave him 40 days in which he can serve consecutively!! So 20 days and he’s out… Nice huh??? But he sure wants to know where they r playing football this year. No thanks- how about starting off with supporting those children and worrying about their well being and school work. They don’t need him at the games cheering him on like he’s super dad for a few months!! Really??

Almost a year later and he still rarely picks up the phone to see how the kids are doing and has every excuse in the book as to why he hasn’t paid anything. Yet he is still out “bouncing” at the clubs on the weekend and dressed to impress. I SO wish the state of Nebraska would have harsher penalities for these dead beats.

I wish Nebraska would work with Iowa. My case is in IA, but my deadbeat lives in NE. Getting them to help these past 9 years is like pulling teeth! “in the best interests of the children” my ass. If that was true these states would work together to get ahold of these douchebags!

You put your faith in the power of the state, and now, you lose, because we are legion, and we are NOT taking it anymore.

This is warning to all the women out there who feel that they are somehow entitled to child support. You are NOT.

The tide is turning and we will show no mercy. Make peace with your man now, before the steamroller is on top of you.

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