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this person dereald ( big d ) nuez is the bottom of the bucket kinda father , friend and overall person and has been the majority of his life. he basicly had a choice ….. motocycle race ( not a pro or gets paid for it) or listen to his woman and stay together. well ofcourse this person believes only in doing what they want regardless of what anybody else wants, with the mind set of believing a good excuse ( lie, b.s. , hearsay)or appology will fix everything. he has lived this way his whole life. he hides it well at first but even when people catch on to the lying, he still does it no matter what and even acts like nothing is wrong ( mental and dumb). well ofcourse he chooses a race over his family and he gets what he deserves = lost custody and no more baby momma ( good for her) he owes his friends ( and ex-friends) money in the hundreds and thousands for supporting him when he didnt work for 4 months ofcourse not paying child support either. but when dereald nuez finally got a job and had money again he would rather spend it on booz and pot than catching up on child support or pay his debt with his friends. he wont admit to anything and goes around when he meets new people to tell them a b.s. story about how everything is the moms fault and shes the liar and hows he has been trying so hard to come back and make it all good again. he is ONLY a person of words…..meaningless words. his actions tell a whole different story. a few mentions of actions…. he met a woman living on the streets in and out of rehab, took advise from thjis person to admit himself to a mental hospital to try to get paid by G.A ( general assistance). he was denied the G.A. and when he found that out he jumped ship at the hospital… with a 11000 dollar med bill which ofcourse he never plans to pay. another example……. a neighboor across the street which he now claims was in a sex ring with his son, along with the mother, dereald apparently seen a picture of the neighboor Chris wearing a leather out fit with a baby ( which he said looked like his son) but of course he stilll says “whats up neighboor” and hangs out like they are buddies. then he say his old friend Mike is out to get him and does nothing but talk down on me and dereald even showed me a song he wrote about him called ” leave my family alone. sure enough a week or so later i catch them hanging out at derealds place having the time of their lives and all good. hmmmmm , so evidently he talks about everyone behind his back and when hes around them he denies it and acts like they dont know. he also has suggested he will get his son back soon and when he does he is going to make a raft out of pieces of foam and scraps from the shore of the american river and take his son rafting…..mind you no life jackets paddles or anything….just float down… yes dumber than @%@*. his intentions are unpredictable and he says things like he just going to “go away” one day and take his family back home. hopefully the sooner he realizes he has no family or home he will be better off.

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