“Dj Cult” aka Evan Taylor Davis 12/09/80 Narcissistic Man Child who won’t support any of his kids.

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Like most of the ‘men’ (I use that term lightly) posted on here Evan Taylor Davis (originally from Piedmont, CA then Atlanta GA, then Lincoln, NE now somewhere in Michigan) is a narcissistic immature idiot. He is a master manipulator/sociopath. The day after ‘I’ asked him out ge told me that he has a kid (thanks for the warning!) but it was in AZ with the mother and he didn’t see it. B/c apparently she lied and said she was on birth control, he sold all his thing to buy her an abortion but ’she changed her mid’ then they picked out adoptive parents but ’she changed her mind’ again. Right… I believed him b/c I was a naive barely 19 year old and proceeded to date him. The a couple months into our relationship (if you could call it that) I get a myspace message from some chick saying she was PREGNANT WITH IS BABY. Apparently he knocked her up just a week before we started dating. The best part is, SHE WAS 17…He was 26 at the time. Wow. I forgave him, mainly due to some bad advice on my mother’s part, and we went on with life. Fast forward a year, and a couple times of breaking up and getting back together, and I’m pregnant, he’s super duper happy. He’s good for the first couple month’s of my daughters life then starts drinking. He had stopped for awhile since he was an insane alcoholic after i begged him to but went back to it. We had just signed our first lease together and had only been living in our new place for a few weeks when one morning i wake up and get pissed at him b/c of some stupid shit, so I yell at him. Next then I know he has me up against the wall choking me and throwing me around the apt. I left the apt that day, we broke the lease, I almost had to live in a homeless shelter, yet he still had his claws in me so we were still somewhat ‘together’ the following 2-ish months. After the guy he was bumming off of had to move back in with his parents I let him move in with me even though we weren’t together. I finally was able to find a job and he got fired from his for not even showing up to work so he stayed at MY apt FOR FREE to watch our daughter while I worked. BUT he didn’t watch her. He fed her american cheese and raisins and let her spend her day covered in filth while he trashed my apartment and played world of warcraft. He actually thought he had the right to get pissed when i went on dates, even though we hadn’t been together for MONTHS. I finally meet an AMAZING guy (who I’m still with and is so much better of a father to my daughter than evan mcasshat ever was) and kicked evan’s ass out so I could have a normal relationship. After all these months he still hadn’t bothered to get a job so instead of using the money his rich ass parents sent him to find a home in town he skips town on a greyhound (that i was nice enough to drive him to the station for) to ‘ohio’ to bum off some guy he barely knew. Then he meets Ms. Defense Attorney and skips to Michigan to live off her while he, and I’m quoting his twitter ‘runs a video game related site with thousands of users’ for apparently no pay? Since I have no received A CENT OF SUPPORT MONEY. Mainly b/c he’s living off his gf (I think she has a fetish, he’s a felon, she’s a defense attorney..hmm) Oh and did I mention she doesn’t even know about his two other kids? AND his parents don’t know about his kid from the 17 year old either.

Sorry this was so long but I NEEDED to get my point across. I’m sure Lawyer Lady will probably get tired of his shit and leave his ass so he’ll be on the prowl for his next victim. PLEASE don’t let him trick you into thinking he’s some kind of victim. He’s not, and has never been, a victim. He CREATES victims.

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So…. I am the first of it looks like at least three women now who have been knocked up and left hanging. I am the AZ mom. First off, I would like to say that it was his idea to get rid of his own kid. He didn’t want a child, you would think he would have thought of that when I asked him to wear a condom and he said he didn’t like them. He did not sell all his things, he burnt them in a fire that he started cause he is an idiot!! I never recieved a penny from him, in fact, I believe I was the one paying in our sorta kinda relationship. Second, after I told him I was keeping our child, he then refused to addmitt that the child was his so that he wouldn’t have to pay me child support. Go figure that it was his child when he thought I might abort the baby, but the min. I say I’m keeping his son, he claims it belongs to someone else. I am sure all the ladies out there have heard this before, “well if I cheated then you must have as well”. CRAP!!!!! My son Alaxander Trey Davis is now without a father figure in his life, and not to mention he will have this to look at when he goes to see what kind of man his father actually was and is. To all the others out there that have been hurt by this BOY!! I am truely sorry for you all. If you would like to contact me or my son for any reason, my email address is jmyst27@hotmail.com, just put VICTIM in the subject line.

Mother of the AZ mom:

The first child he left behind, is my grandson. It disgusts me to know he has gotten 2 more girls pregnant and walked away, pretty much scott free. He pays no child support for my grandson. My hubby and I pick up the slack. Evan lives off his parents money, knocks up women and lies to his parents about it, saying the girls cheated on him, HAH, bull! This is a classic example of a deadbeat dad, and the worst one that I know of. It would be nice if his folks knew what he was really about. Then perhaps they would quit enabling him to continue this lunacy. It would also be nice if they would acknowledge my grandson as also their grandson, and stop living in denial.

@notfallingforit I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads next week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.


@jmyst27 Have her file for support through the state and have the papers sent to his last known address, HIS PARENTS HOUSE! If this was my daughter I would simply call them to inquire about his whereabouts on behalf of my grandchild. There is no denying a paternity test. Good luck!

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much!

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